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  • Attractive

    All Totally Tommy buildings feature eye-catching layouts, expansive glass construction, and colorful branding possibilities.

  • Convenient

    Self-loading entrance modules, auto-sentry pay lanes, and the flight deck design require fewer employees on-site, keeping overhead down.

  • High-Performance

    Maximize capture rate, streamline operations, and deliver outstanding results with comprehensive site plans and operations training.

In-Bay Conversions

Already have a building? We can convert your existing tunnel into a high-efficiency Tommy wash with our cutting-edge equipment.

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Tommy Equipment

The Best Car Washes Start with the Best Equipment

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  • Detergents

    Powerful Detergents for Extended Service Menus

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    Tommy Car Wash detergent pods
    • Name Brands

      Increase sales with well-known name brand services like Simoniz, Turtle Wax, and Slipstream.

    • Proprietary Products

      Deliver consistent results at affordable prices with original high quality Tommy brand detergents.

    • Free Shipping

      Use the Fill-A-Skid program for free shipping and enjoy competitive pricing on high quality wash products.

    • Efficient Management

      Use the Tommy Manager App to monitor daily detergent usage and seamlessly reorder products when needed.


Draw Customers in with our Eye-Catching, State-of-the-Art Vacuum Systems

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Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Made with Recycled Materials

Totally Tommy washes are all LEED certifiable, and are built from the ground up to be eco-friendly. To promote sustainability we use recycled materials for our buildings.

Clear Roof Design

Translucent roof materials eliminate the need for electric lighting during 90% of open hours, while also creating a bright, open environment for the wash tunnel.

Advanced Lighting Controls

All lighting at the facility is integrated into one cohesive system, so that you can easily monitor and manage your energy usage throughout the day.

Minimal Temperature Requirements

Most areas in the wash tunnel are unmanned and need no temperature control, reducing energy usage and costs throughout the entire year.

Land Requirements

  • Land Plot
    • Acreage

      The facilities require between 1/2 - 3 acres of land.

    • Dimensions

      A plot 150 ft. wide by 250 ft. deep or similar is preferred.

    • Easy Entrance

      The entrance leads customers straight into the pay station area with significant space for stacking. A deceleration lane is recommended when possible.

  • Area
    • Shopping Center Proximity

      Our washes are best located near major shopping centers and among other businesses and attractions. Areas with high traffic counts without this proximity should be avoided in favor of locations with good traffic count near grocery stores, malls, or other retail developments.

    • Keep a 1 Mile Radius

      Avoid building car wash sites within a one mile radius of an existing car wash. This limitation only applies to major car washes. We've found that small in-bay or self-serve car washes don't provide any real competition for our design.

    • Favor Traffic Lights

      A traffic light slows traffic and therefore makes it easier for customers to view and access your property. At times lights can create additional congestion but during normal hours on a high-traffic street a light is a major asset and can have a surprising impact on the number of "impulse washes" who turn in, bolstering your capture rate.

    • Good Visibility

      Your facility should be clearly visible to traffic at a minimum of 100 yards.

    • Local Income Levels

      Generally speaking, a higher average income in an area leads to a more successful car wash. However, everyone needs a clean car and we have proven that our design works just about everywhere in all demographic levels.

  • Street
    • Avoid Divided Highways

      Convenience plays a huge role when customers are deciding to pull into a car wash, and some divided highways can make entrances more difficult. Simple two-way roads offer a significant advantage when it comes to capture rate.

    • 45 mph or Slower

      Fast traffic is harder to stop, causing capture rates to fall. While deceleration lanes can help, it is often best to simply select a location with slower cross traffic.

    • Easy Entrances

      Quick and easy entrances are important, especially as express car washes often depend on impulse purchases. We carefully design our lots for maximum capture and convenience, especially in situations where the wash is connected to a gas station or shopping center.