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The Tommy Tunnel

Discover all the elements that make Tommy's 130' interior wash tunnel so unique.
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Configuration shown:
130' / 39 meters
220 Cars per hour

TCWS equipment tunnel

Dressed for Success

Our signature stainless steel arches complimented with ultra-bright LEDs and color-poof sign panels.

TCWS blower room

Making a Scene

Innovative systems automate more of the wash process, maximizing control and minimizing labor.

Truck getting washed

Results Driven

A performance-focused, fully-integrated equipment system engineered by industry veterans and built to last.

Round Arch

In 2001 Tommy Car Wash Systems patented a unique circular arch design that offered customers a more spacious experience and better surface cleaning. Today, this simple innovation continues to perfectly balance form and function in high-performance car washes across the world.

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Entrance Module

Our integrated self-loading entrance module uses clear audio and visual cues to guide customers confidently into the wash and includes as a push-button station for manual control when needed.

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Tommy Transporter

Developed jointly by Tommy Car Wash Systems and AVW over 10 years ago, the Tommy Transporter remains the best option in car wash conveyor technology today. The 30" belts accelerate the loading process, reduce damage claims, and safely accommodate a wide range of customer vehicles.

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All-in-One Extreme Clean Combo

Intense cleaning power in a standalone module, this compact friction cleaning unit combines a mitter curtain with rocker, wrap, and hugger brushes to deliver outstanding soft-cloth or foam cleaning even at high belt speeds.

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Customized Services

Our in-house Tommy Signature Detergents offer dramatic results at every menu level. Or complete your up-menu options with well-known names like Simonize, Slip Stream, or Turtle-Wax.

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Blowers & Dryers

If it's not dry, it isn't really clean. Our drying system comes armed with a suite of adjustable blower producers, twin heated air cannons, and drying brushes to wick away moisture from vehicle windows and mirror-faces.

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Pod System

In 2008 we overhauled our entire car wash control format with the invention of the POD System, and today we'd never build them any other way. Our franchise exclusive POD systems allows of line of site adjustments for most car wash functions and control over 20 chemical functions and 10 air functions running the entire length of the wash.

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