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A Tommy Partnership

Want to own and operate a high performance, state-of-the-art car wash facility? Opportunities are available! Our team will work with you, developing your wash as if it was our own and together reproducing our proven, successful wash model.


Build a first-class car wash operation, and take advantage of patented, proven Totally Tommy building designs to attract more customers.


With over forty years of manufacturing expertise, Tommy Car Wash Systems inventories a full line of world-class stainless steel equipment.


Traditional installation programs are expensive and time-consuming. Our install team travels full-time, developing sites more quickly and efficiently.


A Tommy partnership comes with lifetime support. Our team is dedicated to making sure your wash is always running at 100%.

We've got the advantage

For over forty-five years we've been in the business of building the best systems and processes to create outstanding car washes. Our facilities stand out from the rest.

car wash tunnel diagram


Energy-efficient wash equipment, LED lighting and clear acrylic roof design for natural sunlight.

Iconic Design

A welcoming design with record-setting capture rates that generates impressive customer loyalty.

Perfect Layout

Easy entrances, natural stacking, and a left-in/right-out traffic loading pattern.

Open Concept

Wide-open wash bay with clear lines of sight for better control and management.

360° Video

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Site Models

Consider our four innovative options: Express, Flex, Gas, and Mini. To keep things simple, we build all Totally Tommy washes to be virtually identical in services, menu, and equipment.


Franchise Fee




Brand Development

All architectural plans are included with the facility and adjusted to comply with local codes. Our involvement doesn't end with construction. We provide one month of training at our headquarters as well as one week of on-site training with our top corporate trainer so you hit the ground running.

express model building image


A free-standing car wash tunnel with record-breaking power and processing ability, the Totally Tommy Express serves as the ultimate car wash platform.

1+ acre
land required

3 - 6

$5 - $20
wash cost

3 - 5M

mini model building image


A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorized tunnel that looks great and packs similar processing power on a much smaller lot.

.75+ acre
land required

2 - 5

$6 - $11
wash cost

2 - 3.5M

gas model building image

Gas Station

The absolute best in multiple profit centers: Gas Station, Express Car Wash, and High-End Convenience Store complete with a coffee or restaurant franchise.

2+ acre
land required

3 - 6

$5 - $20
wash cost

3 - 7M

flex model building image


A modern take on efficient car wash detailing, the Flex takes the Express design and adds a secondary conveyorized tunnel for compact interior detailing services.

1+ acre
land required

5 - 25

$15 - $24
wash cost

3 - 7M

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