Mini model image


A condensed version of the Express, the Mini is a fully conveyorized tunnel that looks great and packs similar processing power on a much smaller lot.

Tommy's Express primary tower

Primary Tower

Houses the Flight Deck and Owners Suite. A strategic control center for all wash operations.

Tommy's Express secondary tower

Secondary Tower

The smaller secondary tower offers ample, two-level storage for parts, supplies, and equipment.

Tommy's Express pay station canopy

Pay Station Canopy

The integrated canopy shades 2-3 pay lanes and features signals, lighting, and large menu signage.

Tommy's Express acrylic roof

Acrylic Roof

The unique acrylic roof system welcomes in natural light while contributing to the wash's remarkable visual profile.

Tommy's Express side windows

View-In Design

Day or night the oversized bay windows on both sides of the tunnel allow the public to look in on the wash as it operates.

Tommy's Express side walls

Vaulted Side Walls

Designed to streamline cleaning, vaulted side walls make the wash feel even more open, welcoming, and non-claustrophobic.

Tommy's Express dry backroom

Dry Backroom

Consolidate your wash's electronics and heavy equipment in an efficient, secure location beside the drying chamber.

Tommy's Express exit

Entrance & Exit

A starburst design is included in the wash entrance and exit to draw customer eyes and reinforce our showcase circular theme.

Tommy's Express full site

Site Layouts

Our development team has pre-planned the best layouts for most street and drive placements, saving you time and money.

Tommy's Express payment entrance

An All-Sides Design

The Totally Tommy design looks good from all angles, allowing much-needed flexibility in site selection and layout.

Line of cars

Point of Sale Visibility

The main tower, canopy, and signage make the point of sale highly visible, eliminating traffic confusion.

Tommy's Express front view

Curb Appeal

Totally Tommy sites command a decisive WOW factor, translating directly into improved capture rate and ROI.

What To Expect

Tunnel Length

90 ft

Number of Employees

2 - 5

Production Capacity

1 car per belt foot per hour
(90' = 90 CPH)

How Long Before Growth

1 - 3 years

Build Time

5 - 8 months

Building Dimensions

135' x 40'

Stainless Steel Lifespan

30+ years

*These numbers are approximated, every project and tunnel is unique.

Ultimate Energy Efficiency

Made with Recycled Materials

Totally Tommy washes are all LEED certifiable, and are built from the ground up to be eco-friendly. To promote sustainability we use recycled materials for our buildings.

Clear Roof Design

Translucent roof materials eliminate the need for electric lighting during 90% of open hours, while also creating a bright, open environment for the wash tunnel.

Advanced Lighting Controls

All lighting at the facility is integrated into one cohesive system, so that you can easily monitor and manage your energy usage throughout the day.

Minimal Temperature Requirements

Most areas in the wash tunnel are unmanned and need no temperature control, reducing energy usage and costs throughout the entire year.