Car Wash Triple Presoak Arch Applicators

Increasing Presoak Equipment Efficiency

As most car wash owners know, a quality presoak is one of the most important parts of a great wash. But when it comes to presoak equipment, not all presoak applicators are made equal. Presoak applications may be an opportunity for added revenue (cta applications), but they’re also an opportunity for the car wash to use up more costly water, chemical and energy resources. When done well, the presoak stage can make for impressive wash results while reducing application costs

At Tommy Car Wash Systems,  we understand that energy and resource efficiency are critical to a car wash’s ability to turn a profit, which is why all our car wash equipment is designed not only for maximum quality, but for maximum efficiency as well.

The patented Triple Presoak Arch was designed with both higher quality product and better efficiency in mind. Let’s take a look at a few of the Triple Presoak Arch’s key features…

1) Targeted, efficient application of presoak chemicals.

As its name indicates, the Triple Presoak Arch is composed of three same-sized arches arranged closely together. These arches make it possible for the wash to target key cleaning areas with highly controlled precision, rather than simply covering the entire car with the same chemical concentration and pressure.

The first arch is equipped with front arms for full front bumper and windshield coverage. This ring sprays a high concentration of presoak chemicals for only two seconds to cover these areas with the strong dilution even as much as 40:1 in bug season.

The second presoak foaming arch provides complete car body coverage with a lower chemical solution. This ensures that only the necessary amount of chemicals are applied to each area; a high chemical concentration is not wasted on the car body, which is easier to clean.

The third arch uses the same chemical concentration and pressure as the first, covering the back window and lower backend area with the necessary chemical concentration to break backend roadfilm / hydrocarbons.

2) Tire wheel presoak applicator.

Another feature which makes the Triple Presoak Arches unique is its integrated dual tire and wheel presoak applicator. The Triple Arches’ built-in tire & wheel applicator is timed to spray a high presoak application on the wheels. The shape of the nozzles is designed for both maximum coverage and maximum chemical/water efficiency. Typically the fist application is used for every wheel at a lower dilution, then the 2nd application is used for the top wash packages or upsale item at a higher dilution. Some people choose to use the first applicator for wheels and the 2nd for the tires. Feel free to select between foaming and non-foaming CTA’s when ordering. Standard the triple presoak arch comes with non-foaming applicators which keeps the wheel cleaner warmer. Heat on wheel cleaning is very important and can reduce the amount of chemical needed.

3) Bright, colorful signage and LED lighting.

For a lot of car wash customers, it’s all about the experience. Tommy’s Presoak Arches make the car wash a more fun environment by adding color and lights to the tunnel’s outer rings. Presoak arches may be ordered with pre-installed signage and attached LED colored lighting, an energy efficient way to brighten up the car wash tunnel and make it a more exciting user experience that can transform the customers emotions.

We challenge you to find car wash presoak equipment with better efficiency, quality and precision.

While the Triple Presoak Arch is standard for full Tommy Car Wash equipment packages, they may also be purchased and installed individually to retrofit an existing car wash site. Sold individually, these patented arches are a great, cost-effective way to improve an older wash’s efficiency and quality.

To learn more about the Triple Presoak Arch, contact one of our customer service reps, or watch the video below for a full product tour.

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