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Tommy Equipment

Industry Leading Components in Rugged Stainless Steel

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  • Dramatic

    When your potential customers are driving by, your wash's style matters. The Totally Tommy design features tall bay windows and iconic stainless steel round arches to instantly set your wash apart from the shoebox competition.

  • Functional

    Tommy Car Wash System's proprietary flight deck and pumping station layout maximize efficiency, visibility, and accessibility. Precision design dramatically cuts down on clutter so that your facility works better and smarter.

  • Revolutionary

    Every aspect of the new facility has been carefully considered and engineered by some of the finest and most experienced minds in the industry, resulting a truly groundbreaking take on the modern car wash.

Tommy Carwash Arches

Round Arch

In 2001 Tommy Car Wash Systems developed and patented a unique round arch design. This design excels in both form and function, offering a more spacious feel for the customer, better and more accurate surface cleaning from the arch's circumference, and an iconic look guaranteed to set your wash apart from the competition.

  • Carwash Cleaning

    Clean Cars Fast

    Tommy equipment is designed for performance first. When you visit you'll see, firsthand, some of the cleanest cars in the world coming out of our facility at express speeds. Clean, shiny, dry - and fast. That's our specialty.

  • Car Wash Z-Wrap

    Manage and Maintain

    Car washes involve thousands of parts, all of which need to be available for servicing. We streamline your maintenance with simple logic hydraulic systems and minimal proprietary systems, making it easy for you to find replacement pieces on our online store or elsewhere.

  • Presoak arch

    Asset management

    Your equipment is one of your largest assets, but every car washed adds wear and cost. We've mastered equipment ROI, creating a second-hand market where used equipment can live several lives thanks to high quality stainless steel construction. This model allows you to re-sell and recoup your investment down the road as you improve and restore against wear and tear.

Tommy Car Wash Loading Module

Entrance Module

Our fully integrated entrance module includes an automatic TV with instructions for customer self-loading, entrance eyes for tires, gates, and truck beds, the voice commander, and a push button station for manual control.

  • TV Loading Module for Car Wash

    High-Visibility Instructions

    The SunBrite TV with true all-weather LED-LCD technology offers high visibility guidance for customers, easily signaling them through the loading process with prompts for pulling forward, shifting into neutral, and other instructions or announcements as needed.

  • Grand Tommy Wash Entrance

    The Grand Entrance

    The entrance design may include some stunning technology, but it also serves an important low-tech purpose by creating physical barrier between the loading and wash processes, implying separation and offering the customer a clear point of reference as they stop their vehicle in-place on the transporter belt.

  • Tommy Balls for Car Wash Loading

    Clean and Functional

    Your wash shouldn't just be selling clean cars, it should be selling an experience, and that experience begins with a clean and bright first impression. Our facilities offer integrated LED lighting in the wash bay, backroom, and storage tower along with clear directional signage and easy storage for grounds keeping and maintenance supplies.

Fire Red Hot Lava Bath

Red Hot Lava

The Red Hot Lava Service is the first optional service and is placed directly after the triple presoak arch. Customers who opt in experience a cascade of visually stunning bright red foam, which in practice is an LED illuminated low pH soap with high foam potential applied before the cloth modules.

  • Increase Customer Experience

    This extremely affordable optional service adds memorable entertainment value for passengers who experience a highly visual presentation of light and color early in the wash.

  • Elevated Earning Potential

    The Red Hot Lava Applicator Kit has a low cost per car and a very high earning potential, especially as repeat customers (often with children along for the ride!) look to augment their experience.

  • Minimal Cost and Maintenance

    The simple rain bar style application eliminates the need for the costly, high-voltage tub dispensers. This method puts on an even better show and adds virtually zero maintenance to your upkeep schedule.

Car Wash Mechanical Control


In 2008 we overhauled our entire car wash control format with the invention of the POD System, and today we'd never build them any other way. With the Tommy Car Wash pod system, operational control for your entire wash is at your fingertips!

  • Operational Control

    Operational Control

    The POD control system has all critical functions located on one 9' board with line of sight to most of the car wash functions, including timing, chemistry, and brush controls. The POD puts you in control and there is no better way to manage and master your equipment setup!

  • Car Wash Circuits

    Modular Design

    The modular chemical dispensing system comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired, so your system is basically plug and play. Control over 20 chemical functions and 10 air functions running the entire length of the wash.

  • Car Wash Backroom Control

    Dramatic Short and Long-Term Cost Savings

    Our system eliminates the backroom wall, saving you tens of thousands of dollars in wiring and installation costs. Meanwhile, the precision dials within the pod itself can save you thousands annually as you fine-tune your application system and other wash settings.

Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor

Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor

Tommy and AVW jointly invented the Dual Belt Conveyor System over 10 years ago. This revolution in car wash technology washes more cars per hour and takes the stress out of car washes for customers and operators alike.

  • Load Easier

    Boost Customer Comfort

    Intimidated customers don't buy car washes, so we created a system that makes loading easy and comfortable. Clear video instructions, no roller system, and no hand signals from staff members make for a better experience from the start.

  • Carwash Conveyor

    Safe and Secure Loading

    The Tommy Transport Dual Belt Conveyor catches and guides all four tires simultaneously, controlling each car and protecting your equipment against damage caused by customer braking or parking.

  • High-Demand Car Wash

    Wash More Cars

    As this experience goes viral in your community you will find you have a huge advantage over washes running old chain and roller systems. Repeat customers are soon self-loading faster and closer than ever, dramatically boosting your wash's daily capacity!

All in One Clean Combo

All In One Clean Combo

We were busy developing our patented Reverse Hugger Side Washer when we decided that a simple, modular system would better for everyone. Today you'll find that the Tommy All-In-One-Combo is absolutely the basis for a superior cleaning system, combining side washers, rocker brushes, mitter curtains, and wrap brushes all in one distinctive module.

  • Tommy Combos

    Dual Arrangements for Best Results

    Results are everything, and that's why we always recommend 2 sets of All-In-One-Combos in any system. In smaller designs this isn't always possible, but in systems 110' and longer a two-set layout yields improved results and value.

  • Car Wash Cleaning

    Consistency and Quality

    Your wash shouldn't include random components thrown together. Standardized, modular packages result in a more coordinated installation and consistent functionality, from the plumbing system to soap applications and hydraulics.

  • Car Wash Queue

    Major Cleaning Power

    Paired all-in-one systems are capable of fully washing an excess of 200 cars per hour. That's right, with Tommy Car Wash Systems you can have one of the world's highest capacity car washes delivering great results from day one.

Branded Car Wash Products

Branded Applicators

Consumers love well-known brands when it comes to their car care products, and if you don't yet have your own flagship brand for detergents or wax, we can help. Through the use of branded soaps and extreme-durability Komatex® signage we leverage popular names to enhance your wash's value and menu lineup.

Rinse Barrier Wall

Rinse Barrier Wall

The rinse barrier wall separates the wash area from the drying chamber. This critical design choice provides visual relief to the customer and actually enhances the final wash by blocking mist circulation into the blower chamber.

  • Arched Tunnel Design

    The Totally Tommy Design

    Tommy's signature circle arch theme continues through the rinse wall ring and lends a cohesive, high-end style and look to the facility as a whole, breaking up the tunnel and moisture transfer without limiting operator access.

  • Car Wash Drying Chamber

    Frosted Glass Block

    Actually made of a high impact plastic, this semi-transparent partition is assembled on-site by our install team. The material easily holds up against years of wear and tear and looks great even after years of wear and tear.

  • Wash Exits

    The Finish Line

    The wall not only helps improve drying of the vehicle, but sub-consciously adds value to the wash by demonstrating that your service is a process. With distinct loading, washing, and drying areas the customer understands that their wash is about more than just soap and water.

Car Wash Drying System

Blowers / Dryers

We offer the same powerful blowers found in top quality car washes around the world, but reinvented their setup and arrangement for maximum power and efficiency. The system is modular, flexible, installs on the iconic Totally Tommy arch setup we are famous for, and leaves every customers' car dried fully-even when your wash is at full capacity.

  • Car Wash Blowers

    Powerful Hardware

    Our drying system starts with powerful producers. You will find our standard 10 horsepower fans put out an amazing amount of air with exceptional throw and distance for maximum drying power.

  • Car Wash Dryers

    Sophisticated Layout

    Using these powerful fans we developed a direct mount system which relies on our patented round arch to create virtually unlimited options for positioning driers in different setups. Any placement is possible with easy adjustments for rotation, pivoting, and radius motion.

  • Drying Huggers

    Drying Huggers and Heated Blowers

    The drying processes is finished with side-drying huggers and optional heated blowers. This special drying equipment contacts only the mirror faces and side windows while heated air evaporates small water beads left behind by the blowers.

Blaze Tire Shine Applicator

Tire Gloss Application

Our tire gloss application takes place in the last 10' of the tunnel as the customers' vehicles exit the belt conveyor, taking advantage of what would otherwise be unused space in the facility layout. The tires remain in neutral during the gloss as the car is gently carried off the end of the conveyor onto pavement.

  • Secure Mount Design

    We keep the floor clear and eliminate obstacles by securely leg-mounting our tire gloss units directly to the Tommy arch, keeping them raised off the ground for easy installation and adjustment.

    Tire Gloss Applicator
  • The Blaze Bristle Brush Applicator

    The Totally Tommy system uses a highly efficient Blaze applicator brush style system with feather tip bristles, spun by a hydraulic driven motor. Tire gloss is applied gently and consistently, without adding unnecessary time or space to the wash.

    Tire Gloss System
  • Super Gloss Finish

    The best applicator deserves the best product available. We've tested all of the leading products in the industry and found one we can rely on time after time. Today, we call this product Tommy Tire Gloss and its water-based tire dressing makes for the perfect finish to a fantastic wash from a fantastic facility.

    Wet-Look Tire Shine