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Tommy Detergent Supply

Better Products. Lower Prices.

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  • Direct Sales

    Tommy Car Wash Systems ships both exclusive and name brand chemicals directly to your door for less.

  • Free Shipping

    Our Fill-A-Skid program offers free shipping and discounts of up to 20% when you order more of the same brand.

  • Extreme Quality

    We've tested products across the market and offer only the best quality detergents in our lineup.

Tommy Manager and Controller

Lower Costs

Our Tommy Detergent Supply service is designed to save you money. By using a bulk chemical system you can manage your chemistry in-house more efficiently than you can with standard drums. Bulk chemical systems use large holding containers, so you can top your product off as you have need to keep your wash running smoothly, without interruptions. Our corporate stores have been using bulk systems for over 10 years and we wouldn't do it any other way.

  • Easy Transfers

    Easily transfer product from 30 gallon drums, delivered to your facility, to your containers using our bulk pump over system. You'll never need to worry about running out of product and you won't need to keep extra drums that take up space in your backroom or property.

    Car Wash Equipment and Design
  • Lower Chemical Cost

    Avoid dealing with multiple vendors and save thousands by buying your chemicals direct, with free shipping and 5% off on your first full skid, 10% on two skids, 15% on three skids, and 20% on four or more skids (continental US only).

    Car Wash Product Ordering
  • Custom Management App

    Our electronic management application allows operators to track the real cost per car in their wash - live! Analyze all your products and gauge your supply needs quickly, accurately, and easily without measuring tools or complex calculations.

    Car Wash Operations App
  • Improved Storage

    Bulk storage containers allow more product to be stored at a time, increasing the number of washes before you need to refill your system. Instead of changing a product once a week you may now be able to go 2-3 weeks before refilling your tanks.

    Car Wash Hydrolics and Storage
Colorful Car Wash Body Soap

Higher Quality Products

Having the right products in your wash is vital, saving you money with better results, attracting more customers, and bumping up your average ticket price with valuable extra services. At Tommy's we offer our own, carefully formulated and blended detergents as well as branded chemicals with huge customer loyalty and awareness.

  • Car Wash Hot Wax

    The Perfect Line up

    With forty years of experience behind us we've tested everything and compiled the best products, rolling them out in the ultimate service menu. Through our detergent store we'll help you replicate our lineup as we provide a one stop shop for the best chemicals available.

  • Car Wash Rainbow Coat

    Diverse Offerings

    Tommy Car Wash systems offers a wide range of car wash products including tire gloss, drying agents, presoak, body soap, rainbow coat, rain guard, sealer, polish, wax, and more. If your wash needs it, we can get it to you.

  • Car Wash Sealer

    Name Brands

    Customers trust known brands associated with quality. The Tommy store boasts products from Turtle Wax, Kaady Chemical, Simoniz, Shore Chemical, Kiehl, Slip Stream, Cul-Mac, and Stoner Detail Solutions so you can pull in more traffic and leave customers with a greater sense of value.

Car Wash Business Plans


After 40 years and millions of cars washed the Tommy Car Wash Systems team knows what they are doing. Our highly trained and experienced chemical sales team can help you decide what services to invest in and what your car wash should offer. Let our experience be your guide.

  • Expert Assistance

    Our team has decades of experience in the car wash business. We can help you set up your services and order the right products for your wash, with professional estimates for quantity, profitability, performance, and more.

  • Direct Shipping

    From our store to your door. Our online store makes ordering and reordering easy, with direct shipping to your facility. Receive alerts from the Tommy Manager and order products on-demand when your wash runs low.

  • Wash Menu

    Tommy offers equipment and chemicals for a large menu of standard and optional services, including many brand names. Give your customers more options and more reasons to drop by as you boost your average ticket prices!

  • Free Shipping

    Our Fill-A-Skid program offers free shipping and increasing savings when you order more of the same brand.