The Rhino-Mat Wash & Dry – An Instant Fan Favorite!

In its third month of operation, Tommy’s Express Car Wash of Grandville, Michigan puts the best of the Totally Tommy car wash design on display. At night drivers look through the microbrewery-style bay windows to glimpse the brightly glowing LEDs mounted on stainless steel arches. During the day customers steadily queue in the triple paylanes to ride through the tunnel before pulling out into the free dual drop vacuum stations.

But it’s a relatively new addition to this proven car wash formula that’s creating some new excitement: the Rhino-Mat Automatic Mat Wash & Dry System.

Tommy's Express Custom Rhino-Mat

The Rhino-Mat (manufactured by CWD for Tommy’s Express) is a compact one-step mat cleaner and dryer, able to power-clean dust, hair, mud, stains, and worse out of both rubber and carpet floor mats in just 30 seconds. The weatherproof system is built in heavy stainless steel for all-weather operation, and unlike other floor mat cleaners it produces mats dry to the touch and ready for immediate reinstallation.

In Grandville, a pair of these devices stand near the vacuums at the rear of the car wash, conspicuously decked out in a custom red paint job and branding. And they WORK. Set up as a free service to complement the open vacuums (though pay-per-time options are available) the Rhino-Mat stations can process over 100 mats during peak hours, and are quickly becoming their own attraction.

Customers have been enthusiastic, with many expressing their surprise at just how clean the mats emerge, or suggesting that the mat cleaners by themselves are worth their next trip out to the wash.

Click the link to learn more about the Rhino-Mat Automatic Mat Wash & Dry System in our store. You are also invited to schedule an in-person tour of this exciting new wash by calling Tommy Car Wash Systems today at (616) 494-0771.

Tommy Car Wash Systems.

One thought on “The Rhino-Mat Wash & Dry – An Instant Fan Favorite!

  • September 22, 2017 at 9:47 am

    Very creative and very useful mat washing machine. However, not sure if it will work okay. Hopefully it won’t damage the car mat.


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