Improving Email Strategy

When you release your first email blast of the year year, how many customers will take the time to open it? According to the email service Mail Chimp, it may not be very many. Across industries ranging from Retail to Sports, Software, and e-commerce the service reports that average open rates for emails tends to be just over 20% , making it likely that roughly 4/5 of your customers are deleting your emails out-of-hand as well.

While it is too much to expect that every recipient will open every marketing email you release, here are some strategies to help increase your open rates and maximize the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

  1. Use clear, simple subject lines that inform the recipients what is inside the mail. Ambiguous subjects, no matter how clever, tend to feel ‘spammy’ and are more likely to be deleted out of hand. Straightforward subject lines such as “Express Wash June Newsletter” instead invite readers to build a relationship with your wash and participate with your updates and don’t frame your email as just another advertisement. Check out the linked list for comparisons of the best and worst subject line types.
  2. .The text of the email should be topical, use correct grammar and spelling, and should not be written in all caps. This will help your emails avoid penalties from automated spam filters and generally increases the quality of your email for the readers as well.
  3. .Send emails monthly at most and quarterly at least. Infrequent emails can cause recipients to forget about your company and flag emails as spam and overly-frequent emails can annoy recipients and lead to higher numbers of opt-outs. .

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