A Revolutionary Bulk Chemical Program

 Order Less, Save More!

Streamline your car wash chemical purchasing, storing and management with the new turnkey Bulk Chemical Program by Tommy Car Wash!

What is Tommy Car Wash’s new Bulk Chemical Program?

Our new DIY purchasing method is the perfect solution for car wash owners looking to cut costs and maintain a more orderly facility. Surplus chemicals are stored in space-efficient, custom 80 gallon Tommy totes, which allow car wash operators to maintain a month’s supply of chemicals without the mess of storing lots of detergent barrels. Direct online ordering and door-to-door deliveries take the hassle and middle-man expense out of purchasing.

When purchasing chemicals in larger bulk orders, savings add up fast. Earn an extra 5% off each additional skid (containing five 30 gallon drums) for up to 20% off.

Additionally, when you purchase our new breakthrough line of Tommy Detergents through the Bulk Chemical Program, you earn Tommy points, which can be redeemed for big savings.

How exactly does Tommy’s Bulk Chemical Program work?

Install our 80 gallon square bulk chemical storage totes in your facility.

Order as many skids of Tommy Detergents as you need to fill the tanks.

When the drums arrive, pump the new soap, detergent or chemical product into the totes using the Chemical Transfer Pump.

When the chemical totes get down to a 50 gallon level, reorder one drum of each product you need.

Refill your tanks when the drums arrive, then discard or recycle the drums to maintain a clean, orderly back room.

Why stock up through Tommy Bulk Chemical?

Key benefits:

> The Tommy “keep it full” method keeps an extra month’s supply of chemicals on hand, so you never run low

> Save thousands annually through bulk discounts (up to 20% off bulk orders)

> Eliminate the backroom mess of storing barrels and empties

> Resupply chemicals less often – less mess, less hassle

> Custom totes are labeled with your own brand image

> DIY pump procedure doesn’t require a local service rep, saving money

> Chemical transfer is mess-less, with no need to move or swap lines and drums

> Simple online chemical ordering helps you to group orders better for more savings

> Use the Tommy Manager App for live cost-per-car tracking

Ready to streamline your car wash’s chemical management? Email us at sales@tommycarwash.com or give us a call at (616) 494-0771 today!

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