Case Study: Brushes Slow Down on Side of Vehicle

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Description of Problem:

Operator is having an issue where every time the wrap brush comes in contact with a vehicle it slows down. The customer notices that the hydraulic unit it noisy and getting very hot.


Things to Check:

1- Check condition of hydraulic fluid and ensure that the fluid is full and red in color, with no contaminants.


2- Ensure that the hydraulic motor is properly seated into the stub shaft and that the keyway is in place.


3- Adjust the torque of the motor using the allen bolt (pressure relief screw) on top of the speed control under the cover. It is recommended that you only adjust a quarter turn at a time.



Customer confirmed that the fluid was in good condition and the hydraulic motor was properly seated into the stub shaft, so he adjusted the torque of the hydraulic motor by turning the allen screw under the cover. He found that while he was turning it, not only was the brush not stalling on the side of vehicles anymore but it was also making his hydraulic unit less noisy, and in eventually the fluid was less hot.



Adjusting the allen screw (pressure relief screw) on top of the hydraulic speed controller inside the hydraulic tank increases the amount of pressure able to stay inside the hydraulic system on the output of the speed controller (by decreasing the bypassed amount of fluid). This in turn increases the amount of toque the motor can produce. With less bypassed fluid the hydraulic pump didn’t need to work as hard and the fluid became less hot.

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