Producer Options

Tommy vacuums are designed for convenience and function, without sacrificing power. Choose between central vacuum or onboard canister vacuum producers.

Tommy 2.0

Our newest Tommy 2.0 vacuum centers feature a single 4.6 hp motor mounted on top of each station. This allows you to get rid of the big and bulky central vacuum systems for a cleaner and simpler design. The single motor conserves energy by only having to start a single stall at a time instead of starting and pulling power from a motor that powers 5 stations up use of one station.


Dual Motor

Our proprietary 220v dual motor producer powers both hoses simultaneously with paired onboard motors. Inside, a cartridge filter provides more surface area than any comparable vacuum on the market. The chamber has ample dirt capacity and a quick release panel for easy clean-out.


Central Vacuum

Utilize the Tommy vacuum system with our own proprietary central producer design! The central producer is pole mounted nearby and powers up to five vacuum stations simultaneously. Individual stanchion separators allow for easy clean out and vacuum maintenance in this consolidated vacuum system.