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Tommy Vacuums

The Perfect Solution for Robust Self-Serve Interior Cleaning

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  • Attractive

    Colorful triangular canopies attract and direct customers to low-profile covered vacuum units.

  • Convenient

    Our vacuum units come with onboard accessories to add utility and elevate the customer's experience.

  • High-Performance

    Powerful 220v producers, cartridge filters, and tapered hoses ensure peak suction performance.

Dual hose vacuum stations

Dual Drop Design

We've engineered the perfect modular vacuum system, available in either onboard or central producer styles with two hoses, trash cans, canopy, light, speaker, and concrete drawing. The unique canopy shades customers and drops hoses at the rear back corners of both sides of the vehicle. This cohesive, elegant system stands head and shoulders above other, uninspiring car wash vacuum equipment.

  • Car Wash Vacuum Station

    Dual Hoses

    The hoses are 1.5 inches at the nozzle, the perfect diameter for easy handling, and taper outwards along the hose in order to avoid clogging and maximize power. A swivel allows the hoses to twist and easily disconnect for maintenance.

  • Unqiue Vacuum Canopy

    Sun Canopy

    The triangular canopy is colorful and attractive, and offers partial shade for customer comfort. The assembly is supported by curved arch pipes, extending the facility's circular theme.

  • Steel Cut-Out Lettering


    Stainless steel sign plates identify the vacuum station while illuminated signage over the pole attract attention in the evening and early morning. Instruction decals are installed directly on the control panel.

  • Self-Serve Vacuums

    Stainless Steel

    In ten years, what shape will your vacuums be in? From heavy use to wear and tear from the environment, Tommy Vacuums stand up to the challenge of daily operation and will still look and run great years into the future.

Self Service Vacuum Design

Motor Options

Tommy vacuums are designed for convenience and function, without sacrificing power. Choose between central vacuum or onboard canister vacuum producers.

  • Tommy Vac Producer

    Dual Motor

    Our proprietary 220v dual motor producer powers both hoses simultaneously with paired onboard motors. Inside, a cartridge filter provides more surface area than any comparable vacuum on the market. The chamber has ample dirt capacity and a quick release panel for easy clean-out.

    • Tommy Car Wash Systems Vacuum
    • Vacuum Station Diagram
  • Central Vac Producer

    Central Vacuum

    Utilize the Tommy vacuum system with our own proprietary central producer design! The central producer is pole mounted nearby and powers up to five vacuum stations simultaneously. Individual stanchion separators allow for easy clean out and vacuum maintenance in this consolidated vacuum system.

    • Row of Car Wash Vacuums
    • Tommy Car Wash Central Vac Motor
Car Wash Paybox

Payment Methods

Select the appropriate vacuum control method for your facility and service model, whether you are planning to offer free vacuums or paid vacuums.

  • Vacuum start button


    Everyone loves free! Vacuums are fitted with a big red push button to start, triggering the unit to run for a set time. Customers never have trouble with a single button and repeated pushes are all it takes if they need more time.

  • Credit and Cash Vacuum pay box

    Credit Card / Bill / Coin

    Our all-inclusive option features a stainless steel payment box with a system connecting electronic credit card payment, paper currency, and coins. This all-in-one box also comes with an illuminated countdown timer.

  • Car Wash Coin and Token

    Coin & Token

    For light duty vacuums this old school coin and token acceptor is fully compatible with the Tommy Vacuum system and works well with in-house token programs or in smaller communities.

Car Wash Trash Cans

The Tommy Ball

These multi-purpose wash add-ons have appeared in hundreds of car washes around the world and today have garnered such brand awareness that many consumers associate brightly colored red and blue plastic spheres with local car washes and soap bubbles.

  • Solid Tommy Ball

    Solid Ball

    The solid ball is more than decorative, and we often call it the Tommy Traffic Cone for its usefulness traffic and loading direction. The solid ball provides better visibility than your average traffic cone with better visual appeal.

  • Tommy Trash Ball

    Trash Balls

    These hollow containers are placed around the property as trash receptacles or planters. Movable planters are also great for blocking off lanes when you need to do maintenance, and are friendlier than sawhorses or metal drums.

  • Vacuum Holder Ball

    Vacuum Holder Ball

    The trash ball can be adapted with nozzle receivers for the vacuum hoses, making it the perfect functional accessory for a complete Tommy Vacuum station.

Tommy Vacuum Canopy

Extra Options

We've got all the extras to make your customers' vacuum experience outstanding!

  • Motion Lighting

    Motion Lighting

    By fitting LED motion lights to the vacuum pole we avoid shadowing the vehicle’s interior and make night vacuuming easier and more secure.

  • Top Lights

    Top Light

    The optional top light contains LED high intensity bulbs facing side to side, to make a bold statement to all potential customers driving past the site.

  • Facility Speakers


    The stanchion contains space for an optional add-on waterproof Polk Audio speaker. You can play high fidelity music of your choice so customers don't need to play their own.

  • Vacuum Vending Kit

    Optional Vending Kits

    Interior cleaning kits have become a customer favorite and offer operators an additional revenue stream. Sales and credit card payments are processed from a stainless steel, pole-mounted vending system.