Tommy’s Express Car Wash Bringing 10 New Locations to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

National car wash brand Tommy’s Express is pleased to announce it will be bringing 10 new locally owned and operated franchise locations to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tommy’s Express franchise locations have become fan-favorite car care destinations in cities around the United States, thanks to their innovative building designs, customer experience, convenience, and wash quality. The signature 130’ wash tunnels are designed to be striking, with corner towers, a rounded transparent roof, prominent branding, and full-size windows running down the length of the wash tunnel.

Tommy's Express Standard 130' Tunnel

Future Pittsburgh customers should expect short waits even at peak hours, three-minute travel down the car wash tunnel, an excellent product menu, and free floor mat washers and vacuum stations located on-site. TOMMYCLUB unlimited wash memberships will be available for purchase via the Tommy’s Express app, allowing member vehicles to be admitted to the wash automatically via a proprietary license plate reader system.

According to Tommy’s Express company President and Chief Innovation Officer Ryan Essenburg, “Tommy’s Express represents the best the car wash industry has to offer, from our commitment to customer experience to the custom, proprietary equipment we pioneered to give you the finest car wash result possible. We work hard to give our guests an unforgettable car wash experience, and because of that, we seek out only the best properties to showcase our ground-breaking building designs. If you’re ready to see what the best car wash in the world looks and feels like, Tommy’s Express is for you!”

Additional information, resources, and interviews are available upon request.

Bob Flavin | Marketing Manager | 616-795-9926

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