Come See Ryan Essenburg at The Car Wash Show 2018!

Mark your calendars to attend “Fundamentals of Express Carwash Success: Blue Ocean vs. Red Ocean Site Selection”, an informational session presented by Tommy Car Wash Systems’ President Ryan Essenburg covering key factors expected to drive aggressive car wash growth in the coming years.

The session will be held Thursday, April 26 from 9:15 a.m. to 10:15 a.m in the Las Vegas Convention Center. All attendees are also formally invited to visit the Tommy Car Wash Systems exhibit during regular show hours. We’ll be highlighting the new WASH CLUB Licence plate Reader setup, Easy-Chem Car Wash Solutions System, and our original equipment and building designs.

Tommy Car Wash Systems.

Dubai, an Amazing City that Fails to Offer a Convenient Method for Car Washing

Dubai UAE


The people of the United Arab Emirates, who have built the tallest building in the world and some of the most magnificent creations on the planet, who import nearly everything from a global marketplace, have been unable to import professional car washing. In the United States we place conveniently located tunnel car washes at a rate of around 1 tunnel car wash location for every 20,000 vehicles. In Dubai there are a mere handful of car washes serving a city of millions who thrive on vehicle pride. So why such a failure in Dubai? How can it be that a city with so much figured out could fall so short in one category?

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