Cool Tips for the Winter Rush

Car washes across the nation experience the brutal effects that weather can have on wash volume. Heavy snows? Everyone stays inside. Roads are clear? Everyone rushes over to get a wash. Rain? No car washes needed. Sunshine? Time to make that finish shine.

But seasonal effects on car wash demand are actually far more impactful in terms of overall car wash operation. Thankfully, they are also far easier to predict and account for. While car washes are busiest in the winter and early spring due to customers eager to remove road salt and grime, the summer months cause a steady dip in demand as higher numbers of individuals are willing to wash their cars at home.

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Collecting Car Wash Feedback


None of us know what we don’t know, which makes it vital that car wash owners and operators establish functional methods to collect feedback and stay up to date on the different experiences customers are having at their wash. The benefits of this process are many, and can offer managers a window into their customers’ perspective, and the opportunity to address negative experiences, retain customers, and increase their awareness of otherwise hard-to-spot problems like employee behavior, system glitches, or malfunctioning equipment.

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