Car Wash History Until the Present Day

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we work every day to transform the car wash status co, designing better buildings and installing better equipment. But our projects and products aren’t an island, and we owe a lot to the car wash systems and designs of the past. So this post covers a few important points in the History of Car Washes—including our own car wash history and Tommy’s contributions in the present day.

Carwash Exit

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Convenience Meets Value

5 Ways the Tommy Online Store Benefits Your Carwash

Only a few years ago Tommy Car Wash Systems launched the first iteration of our online store, an answer to a growing need in the car wash industry and an excellent solution for streamlining our own sales and purchasing processes.

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Energy Tax Credits & Incentives for Car Wash Businesses

With droughts, energy rationing, and strict local codes in many areas, a green facility can be a major asset during planning and negotiation processes, or simply when paying your utility bill. On the flip side, more and more US federal and state legislative agreements have opened tax breaks to industries and businesses like car washes for water reclamation, renewable energy use, emissions control, recycling, and more.

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5 Ways Tommy Car Wash Systems Saves You Money

1. Group Buying PowerTommy car wash tunnel

Tommy Car Wash Systems works directly with car wash equipment manufacturers to buy significant amounts of equipment, and we use that buying power to negotiate with vendors and bring prices down. This group negotiating power works for everyone, giving our vendors bigger sales, bringing down our own prices, and allowing Tommy to offer lower prices for our clients.

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