Car Wash Triple Presoak Arch Applicators

Increasing Presoak Equipment Efficiency

As most car wash owners know, a quality presoak is one of the most important parts of a great wash. But when it comes to presoak equipment, not all presoak applicators are made equal. Presoak applications may be an opportunity for added revenue (cta applications), but they’re also an opportunity for the car wash to use up more costly water, chemical and energy resources. When done well, the presoak stage can make for impressive wash results while reducing application costs

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Internet Marketing for Car Washes: The Importance of Getting Found Online

Most local service businesses, such as drive through car washes, are veterans of traditional media marketing. Print ads, coupons, radio ads and billboards; these have been the stock in trade for car wash owners’ marketing campaigns for many years. The internet is quickly changing how business is done, however, and while traditional media marketing holds some of its value, in today’s changing business environment, it’s often simply not enough.

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