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The attached rendering shows an approximate “trim line” for mitter cloth included as a combo unit component along with wraps, hugger, or contour brushes.  There are no exact, universal dimensions as equipment setups vary. Therefore cloth should be trimmed on a case-by-case basis.

Guidelines for Cloth Trimming:

-REMEMBER! Cloth is trimmed to prevent it from wrapping around the brush shaft. This concern is the primary determining factor for deciding on mitter cloth length.


-On Wrap Combo units, the mitter cloth only reaches the drive side wrap shaft; the cloth cannot reach the passenger side shaft, and does not need to be trimmed on the passenger side.

-With contours and side brushes, however, both sides must be trimmed appropriately.

-Some operators also trim mitters around rockers mounted on the mitter frame according to their preference. However, the mitter cloth cannot get stuck in the brush, only around the shaft, which is located under the core of the rockers.


-Viewing the mitter cloth from the exit side of the mitter, there are seven (7) pieces of 12” wide mitter cloth (which are slit into 3 separate strips of cloth each 4” wide). Number the pieces from passenger side (left) to driver side (right) from 1 to 7.

-For wraps, you will trim cloth pieces 7, 6 and possibly 5.

-For side washers or contours you will trim 1, 2, 6, 7 and possibly 3 and 5.

-Generally speaking, you only have to trim these pieces in the last two rows of the mitter closest to the exit.


-When the pieces of cloth are trimmed, the front of the mitter cloth will have a shape similar to that shown in the rendering below. As you move away from center in each row, each successive strip of cloth will be slightly shorter than the previous strip.  Note also that the strips of cloth in the front row will be shorter than the next row back.


-Trim the strips as follows:

-Again, there is no need to trim any single strip of cloth any shorter than is necessary to keep it from wrapping around the brush shaft.

-Take each strip of cloth and pull it taut so the 12” piece of mitter cloth rotates on the mitter curtain rod and the strip extends directly toward the brush shaft in a straight line, much as it would fall across the roof of a vehicle.

-Without rotating the brush, pull the strip to the shaft and WRAP IT AROUND THE SHAFT.

-Do not cut the strip where it first reaches the shaft or you will cut off 2”+ more than is necessary. Cut the cloth where it wraps AROUND THE SHAFT AND STARTS TO TUCK UNDER ITSELF.  This will prevent any unintentional wrappage.


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