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Vehicle Position Sensor


What is the Vehicle Position Sensor?

The Vehicle Position Sensor is used to determine when an incoming vehicle first lands on the belt and is used as an input to the PLC to change the entrance module screen and signal the voice commander to say “Please place the car in neutral”.


How does it work?

The sensor emits a high-frequency sound pulse and times how long it takes for the echo of the sound to reflect and return. The longer the delay, the further the target object is.

SonarHelpful Information:

The sensor should be kept as clean and dry as possible, as water on top of the sensor can interfere with with the sonar function. Often, adding a slight tilt to the angle of the of the sensor will help keep the surface dry.


Standard Ultrasonic Wiring

Standard Ultrasonic Wiring



During normal operation the “vehicle position sensor” input will light up when a vehicle is over the sensor.


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