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What is the Hydraulic Speed Controller?

The hydraulic speed controller regulates the speed of the brushes and various other equipment. It can be found inside your hydraulic tank, with one for each set of hydraulic functions in your wash.


How Does it Work?

The hydraulic speed controller works by changing the amount of flow directed to the equipment. By changing the speed control lever you allow more or less fluid to get to the equipment, adjusting the speed.


Helpful Information: 

On the side of the speed control you have a lever for adjusting the amount of fluid directed to the equipment. On the top of the speed controller under the cover, you have allen screw which adjusts the relief pressure.


The speed adjustment lever has labeling 0-10. When set to zero all fluid bypasses back into the tank and the brushes will stop spinning. When set to 10 no fluid is bypassed and the brush will spin as fast as possible.


We use the pressure relief screw to adjust the amount of torque the motor can produce. If you notice your brushes slow down or stall along the side of a vehicle you may need to adjust this. Going in more with the screw will increase the amount of pressure in the system and help stop the brush from slowing down under a load.


Occasionally you may notice brush speeds are not as fast as they are supposed to be. This could be because of multiple issues. One of the first things to try is turning the speed adjustment up. If you notice no change you may have debris inside the speed controller valve. Try turning the speed adjustment all the way to 0 to allow maximum bypass for a brief moment than turn back to your previous setting, as this will sometimes flush out any debris. If that still doesn’t work you may have a bad speed controller valve.


**It is important not to try and change the speed while cars are in the tunnel as this could damage them if the brush where to stop moving on a vehicle.



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