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Case Number SC57322

Description of problem: iPad unable to connect to wash controller.


Things to check:


1- Check the wi-fi networks available to I-PAD and make sure that the only one connected is “TPA HMI”(NOTE): If there are any other networks connected select “forget network.”


2- Press the Home button twice and, swiping up, clear out all iPad programs running in the background including RD Client.


3- Check status lights on edge router also status lights on wi-fi antenna to confirm that the router has power/communication.


4- Verify That all Cat 5 cables are hooked up per TPA Pico Router Network Schematic.


5- Power cycle Edge router and PC for 10-15 sec. Power back up both devices


Analysis: If the above steps fail to resolve the issue, it indicates that the TPA HMI network is working properly, as the iPad is able to connect to the controller via the local network. Instead, the internet connection to the edge router may not be working.


Conclusion: Customer confirmed that the internet connection to the router was not working by connecting their laptop to the router and trying to open a webpage. The customer contacted their ISP (internet service provider) in order to reset the modem, and after doing so the iPad able to connect to the controller as normal.


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