Case Study: Hydraulic Fluid Bubbling / Hydraulic Tank Bubbles

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Issue: Hydraulic Fluid Bubbling

Description of problemHydraulic fluid releasing bubbles within hydrauilc tank. Bubbles increasing in size and frequency over period of months.


Things to check:

1- Any incidents that happened shortly before problem first began?

>Customer reports a cap the size of the inlet tube to the pump fell in and blocked all flow to the pump, to the point where the wraps where slowing down. Ever since then the fluid has been bubbling.


2- Check condition of hydraulic fluid.


3-Check for any leaks in the lines of the hydraulic tank, evidenced by fluid jetting while tank is active.


4- Recommend draining hydraulic tank and check all fittings with a wrench to confirm they are tight and had not wiggled loose.



Analysis: While the hyhydraulic tank and fittings appear to be in good working order, the blockage incident prior to the bubbling may have caused the hydraulic pump to run dry. Suspect that the pump has bad internal seals as a result.


Conclusion: Customer replaced hydraulic pump and bubbling stopped immediately after.

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