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Description of Problem:

Customer is having issues with entrance screen, which displays a blue screen or a “no signal” or “no input” screen.

Things to Check:

1- Check that the small Entrance Module computer (most likely Kangaroo brand) is on, evidenced by a small blue light


2- Check that the entrance tv is on and set to the correct input (just like your TV at home)


3- Reset the Kangaroo computer by unplugging it and holding the power button until the light turns off. Wait 30 seconds then plug it back in and press and hold power button until the light turns back on


4- Try unplugging and re-plugging the HDMI cord from both the kangaroo and the entrance TV, and reinstalling it


5- If, after resetting the computer, the “Please Pull Forward” screen doesn’t pull up automatically, double click on the “Tracker Image” icon on the screen (below)

Tracker Image

System Background:


The Entrance Module TV works much like your TV at home. But instead of a cable box we are using an Entrance Module Computer (Kangaroo Computer) to send a signal via an HDMI cable to the TV. When the Entrance Module Computer is working properly it should send a signal to the TV, however occasionally this computer needs to be reset, much like your computer at home.


Entrance Module Flowchart

If, after reestablishing the connection between the Entrance Module Computer and your Entrance Module TV, you notice the slides change constantly without input you may need to switch the computer to “Machine Controlled” mode. To do this:

• Press the ESC button on the keyboard
• Then click on “Tools” and select “Machine Controlled”


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