Case Study: Water Infiltrating Vacuums

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Description of Problem:

Customer reports that after rain showers their vacuums constantly trip the breaker, requiring repetitive resets in order to keep vacuums running. Suspect moisture infiltration in the vacuum system.


Things to check:

1- Check for vacuum leaks in the door seals. If suction can leak through, so can rain water.


2- Check for worn-out or broken vacuum hoses dragging on the ground, as these could unintentionally be suctioning water from puddles.


3- Check for excessive water intrusion into the vacuum motor enclosure.


4- Check for proper seal between the hose and the vacuum swivel quick disconnect cup. This joint should have a bead of silicone added installation to prevent water intrusion, which may need to be re-applied.



Customer found that the seal between the hose and vacuum swivel did not have a good application of silicone. Once the silicone was re-applied the moisture was blocked, allowing the vacuums to operate normally.Vac Silicone

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