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  • Same Structure

    You don't need to scrap your old car wash building. Our conversion uses the old structure and adds new equipment for better processing.

  • New Equipment

    Wash cars better and faster. Our conveyor makes loading easy and our cleaning equipment modules provide a fantastic wash.

  • Customized

    Every conversion we do is carefully thought out and customized to perfectly fit your needs and create a wash with the best possible potential.

Car Wash Retrofit Original Image After
Car Wash Renovation Modified Image Before

Before & After

Traditional inbay car washes have poor processing speeds and offer limited services. Our conversion retrofits these buildings with modern car wash equipment. including a Tommy Transporter dual belt conveyor, self-loading module all-in-one friction cleaning combo, and dryer arches.

Car Wash Rehab Plans

The Process

The flooring from the old wash is removed and set aside, replaced with a dual belt conveyor and loading system. Next, Tommy arches equipped with the all-in-one friction wash combo are installed, followed by a high-power blower arch at the exit. Backroom systems (hydraulics and pumps) are upgraded and retrofitted as necessary to work with the new systems.

Car Wash Pay Station Rehabilitation

Pay Station

We offer a variety of pay station modules able to accept tokens, coins, cash, and credit cards to maximize your earnings. Our systems can also be connected to your pump stations for on-site gas/wash combo discounts.

Conveyorized Inbay Car Wash Components

Loading Module

Our conversions include a fully automated self-loading system that helps to eliminate customer error and guide customers onto the belt. A plasma TV provides instructions and your staff is alerted when problems do occur the perfect system for a convenience store environment.

Car Wash Dual Belt Conveyor

Transporter Dual Belt

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor makes loading easy. Customers need only move forward onto the wide tracks and shift to neural as they are carried through the wash. Potential damage from wheel turning, braking, or parking is minimized.

Automatic Tunnel Express Car Wash


Our standard lineup includes an all-in-one combo with reverse rotation side brushes, circulating mitters, rocker brushers, and wrap brushes in addition to a presoak arch, hanging rinse manifold, and a blower arch for final drying. This automated friction setup cleans faster and better than your average inbay wash system.

Self Serve Vacuum Systems


Tommy vacuum stations, which can be installed as either free vacs or pay station vacs, add value and attract more customers to your wash.

Here are a few things to expect:

  • Est. Cost (Equipment Only)

    $300,000 - $700,000

  • Tunnel Length

    40 ft (min)

  • Number of Employees

    0 - 1

  • Cars Per Hour

    1 Car Per Belt Foot
    (I.E. 50' = 50 CPH)

  • Build Time

    1 -3 Months

  • Stainless Steel Lifespan

    20+ Years

  • Detergent Supply

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  • Vacuum Stations

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