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 Tommy Car Wash Videos!

Have you ever wondered what a Totally Tommy car wash looks like from the inside? Or exactly how our Triple Presoak arch works? The car wash business is a very hands-on industry, so we’ve been documenting our car wash packages and equipment on video for several years now. We don’t want our customers to have to guess what the end result will look like – we want you to understand exactly how the equipment packages work before you buy.

Below are a few videos which highlight the key features of our most popular car wash equipment packages and products. To view all our videos, visit our YouTube channel.

 Tommy Equipment Package

Take a comprehensive virtual tour of the full Totally Tommy Car Wash equipment package, from self-loading entrance module to 20′ end blower system. Want to know more about Tommy’s turnkey car wash package? Get package details from our online store.

 Totally Tommy Express Car Wash

A more in-depth tour of the complete Totally Tommy Express Car Wash, this virtual video takes a look at all aspects of the complete Tommy Express Wash, including all interior and exterior elements, architecture and offices.

Car Wash Equipment – Triple Presoak Arch

Operations manager Ryan Essenburg presents the patented Triple Presoak Arch at work, highlighting the arch’s unique chemical and water saving functions, as well as our revolutionary tire cleaner and gloss applicator.

Inbay Conversion Package

Learn how standard, outdated in-bay automatic car washes or rollover car washes can be easily converted into a fully conveyorized tunnel car wash using an Inbay Conversion Package.

Tommy Transporter Belt Loading

A quick clip of the Tommy Transporter Belt Conveyor in action as it loads a car seamlessly into the wash tunnel.

Multi-Washer Module

A quick clip of the Multi Washer Module XL wrap mitter combo in action as it delivers the best clean in the industry.

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