The Tommy Triple Presoak Arch System

Targeted, Powerful, Efficient

Triple Presoak Car Wash Arch

Presoak detergents are incredibly important for starting the wash and loosening up caked on dirt, grime, and bug splatter—but if your presoak system can’t be targeted to deliver the right amount of presoak to the right points on the vehicle your wash WILL use up excess water, chemical, and energy resources and WILL cost you extra money.

To meet the need for a better performing and more accurate presoak system that doesn’t require extra staff or manual labor we developed the Tommy Triple Presoak Arch, a fantastic performer in all our current wash systems.

How does it work?

  1. The first arch is equipped with sprayers targeted towards the front bumper and windshield, spraying highly concentrated presoak chemicals for around two seconds to cover these areas with a strong dilution, as high as 40:1 during bug season.
  2. The second arch foams, covering the entire body of the car with a more diluted presoak solution, as the body of the car is more easily cleaned by friction cloths and soft brushes.
  3. The third and final arch returns to the strong solution of the first arch, targeting the back window and the lower back-end area of the vehicle, in order to break up and dissolve hardened roadflim hydrocarbons, mud, and other debris.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the triple arch we also make use of dual tire wheel presoak applicators in order to break up tire grime and dirt—some of the most resistant and hard to clean material on the entire vehicle. The applicators are set to spray a high-concentration presoak application over wheels with an optional secondary blast at even higher dilutions for upsale packages.

Car wash operators and engineers have been trying to nail presoak for generations, looking for that perfect balance between high-power cleaning and low overhead WITHOUT extra manual labor hours. Today this presoak system delivers all three.

For more information about Tommy Car Wash Systems equipment and car wash designs please reach out to or call (616) 494-0411.

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