Tommy University: On-Site Tune Up Service

We’ve already written about how Tommy University offers industry-leading on the job training for new Tommy wash owners and operators, as well as how you can have on-site coaching and optimization before a Tommy Wash launches for the public. But Tommy University isn’t just for brand new owners and operators.


If you have a functioning Tommy Car Wash System that needs some maintenance, is losing efficiency, or is experiencing more and more frequent service hiccups our expert equipment team can come to you to take care of major and minor problems and make sure your wash is running like new. The Tommy Onsite Tune-up Service provides three full days of expert investigation, adjustment, and instruction as the crew goes through a 100+ point car wash equipment checklist, optimizing your mechanics, chemical usage rates, speeds, timing, connections, and much more.


While this service shouldn’t be your only preventative maintenance program, it can help you bring your car wash back to spec and catch minor problems early before you have major breakdowns that could end up costing more in repair costs and service interruptions.


Tommy Car Wash Systems

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