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Tommy University offers a number of other services which can be of great help to car wash owners and operators as they work to maintain and develop a strong and thriving car wash business in their local area.

Premium Social Media Consultation And Training

Want to expand your car wash’s virtual presence and interact with customers on a whole new level? As smartphones spread to pretty much every pocket and purse more and more individuals are turning to the internet as a way to find and verify the quality of a service before they head on over – and car washes are no exception. This Premium Social Media Consultation and Training can be held in-person or over video chatting services as a social media expert carefully checks and standardizes all your major social media outlets, and then provides a detailed training course about the best uses of social media outreach in a car wash environment, best practices for dealing with online visitors, compliant management, promotions opportunities, and more. This service includes development of missing social media pages and three months of professional social media management across the major channels. Management includes content moderation, feedback responses, and several weekly updates across all services.

Your car wash’s social media footprint is as much a part of your business as your front signage, so make sure it is as well-maintained and kept-up as possible!

Social Marketing Directory and Online Setup

Social media is great but it isn’t everything. When someone types ‘car wash’ into their phone and looks at local offerings in their area, will your name appear? And if it does, how will your result compare with your neighbors? More and more people are trusting digital directories to help them decide where to go for local services, and competition is fierce. With the Social Marketing Directory and Online Setup service by Tommy University you can have your business’ online directory postings updated and perfected, allowing you to better compete for local search results. This service pairs nicely with the Social Media Consultation and can help your wash develop a single, cohesive, and attractive online presence.

Professional Consultations

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we always want our clients to be successful and to launch successful washes. If you are experiencing difficulty at your wash and are looking for advice, feel free to send us an email or call. Your contacts at Tommy University may be able to help get your wash back on track or identify problems to be solved. Don’t feel that you need to go it alone.

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