Tommy University: Onsite Training at Your Wash

Our previous post was all about how the Corporate Operations Training Program at Tommy University provides in depth on-the-job car wash training and education for owners and operators at our corporate washes in Holland, Mi. Visitors and participants get to see what makes the wash tick, where and how to perform maintenance, and how to deal with all the other ins and outs of car wash operations that only an experienced industry professional has been through before.  But not everyone can make it to Michigan and sometimes the advantage of learning where you’ll be working can make all the difference.


That’s why Tommy Car Wash Systems is now offering Onsite Car Wash Operations Training Sessions! For an affordable fee you can receive the same in-depth training sessions that owners and operators receive at the corporate training program, but in the comfort of your own car wash. A professional Tommy car wash trainer will fly to your facility and work with owners, operators, managers, and workers in a hands-on collaborative training program designed to teach beginners how to run a brand new successful car wash business. The training sessions last for a full three days and cover subjects including:


-Car wash equipment and all components

-Hiring and scheduling staff

-Hours of operation

-Marketing strategies

-Maintenance procedures, routine and emergency

-Chemical management

-Customer relations best practices


Even the best car wash doesn’t stand a chance without an experienced and well-trained team behind it! Take advantage of this unique chance to build expertise and learn the ropes on your own equipment with Tommy University and Tommy Car Wash Systems!


Tommy Car Wash Systems


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