Texas Car Wash Tour: How the Totally Tommy Mini Car Wash Can Facilitate Growth in Small Communities

We traveled around Texas this week with our distributor Denis Brown of Alamo wash systems. The areas we traveled seemed to be dominated (in saturation) by in-bay automatic car wash systems.

The tunnels, similar to the tunnels I’ve seen elsewhere around the country, seem to offer weak and limited service. Slow processing, with no “wow” factor. Still, we saw some great opportunities for growth in the industry in these towns. From what we saw, there were plenty of under served markets, which we’ve found to be true in many other areas as well.

As we traveled through Texas this week surveying the car wash industry, two firm beliefs I’ve held were reinforced:

  1.  In-bay automatic car washes are quickly on their way out.
  2. The Totally Tommy Mini seems to be a great solution or alternative to the inbay for those cities between 10,000 to 20,000 in population which may not have enough market share for a full blown tunnel car wash.

The express car wash is a convenience business. With our new ability to build down scaled Totally Tommy mini sites, we can build twice as many sites, allowing you to truly provide customers with convenience.

Do you have questions about which car wash model might be best for your region? Our sales reps are veterans of the car wash industry and can help you find a model ideal for your location and target customer base. Contact us at (616) 494-0771.

Originally Published at tommycarwash.wordpress.com

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