Michigan Car Wash Saves Estimated 28 Million Gallons of Water vs. Driveway Washing

Tommy Car Wash Systems' Tunnel

As many regions of the nation, particularly California and the American Southwest, face unprecedented water shortages, car wash manufactures and operators across the industry continue to innovate and invest in water efficient technology.

Today Tommy Car Wash Systems, a Michigan-based car wash equipment manufacturer and site developer, announced that Quality Car Wash’s Waverly Ave location, a single high-tech, high-volume car wash tunnel in Holland, MI saved just under an estimated 28 million gallons of water than would have been used if customers had instead washed the vehicles at home.

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Tommy Car Wash Systems Sponsors FIRST Team 107!


Tommy Car Wash Systems is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Holland Christian High School FIRST Tech Challenge Team 107, also known as Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.

Since 1989 FIRST, a nonprofit program for school-aged youth, has inspired early interest and participation in science and technology, motivating students to pursue education and career opportunities the science fields. In the 2015-2016 season over 51,000 participants (ages 12-18) in over 5,100 teams will participate in the challenge, many receiving access to special scholarships and other educational opportunities.

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Car Wash Vacuums : Free or Paid?

Free Car Wash Vac SystemExpress automatic car washes are excellent for cleaning a vehicle’s exterior quickly and affordably, and when paired with easily installed self service vacuum stations, they can offer quality interior cleaning service as well. But new developers often wonder if there should be a cost for customers to use these vacuums stations, or if they be free and available to all?

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Go Green, Use a Local Car Wash

We’ve already touched on car washes’ superior water reclamation systems, features that make car washes a much more water efficient option for responsible vehicle cleaning vs. driveway washing (particularly in drought areas). But there’s another great reason for you to turn to your local car wash instead of the hose and bucket: water runoff.

Green Space

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The Tommy Car Wash Drying System

If the car isn’t dry, it isn’t clean. Too many car washes do a decent job of providing high power cleaning that leaves customer vehicles dirt-free, polished, and even waxed but that doesn’t completely dry the vehicles as they are rolling away. This can result in streaking and dust collection as the wet vehicle travels, spoiling the ‘perfect shine’ that so many customers have rightly come to expect.

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