The Totally Tommy Mini vs. In-Bay Automatic Washes

As our team travels throughout the United States building car wash facilities we constantly pass by small, dingy, and often idle automatic in-bay car washes, and we’ve come to believe that these washes are quickly on the way out, but that there ABSOLUTELY is a need for small, flexible automatic car wash systems near gas stations or placed in small communities. But what exactly makes our Totally Tommy Mini a better option over in-bay automatic car washes?

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The Totally Tommy Mini Car Wash

A Remarkable Conveyorized In-Bay System

Back in 2010 we launched our unique answer to the overwhelming need today for a small conveyorized automatic car wash, the Totally Tommy Mini Car Wash. Since then the design has had incredible success serving as an added service attached to gas stations or in communities to small for express car washes.


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