5 Striking Benefits of Tommy Belt Conveyors for Modern Car Washes

Better Car Wash, Better ResultsCustomers continue to ask, call, and order new Tommy Car Wash Inbay Conversions, and with the trend showing no sign of stopping we thought it would be good to write out a few of the advantages that the Tommy Car Wash and AVW’s Transporter Conveyor holds over old-style chain and over-under conveyors.

1. Simpler Construction, Less Maintenance

The Tommy Transporter Dual Belt Conveyor System is, in simple terms, a far less complex device than older style chain rollers—and that simplicity counts for everything. Using principles developed in factories and across various industries our system aggressively cuts down on moving parts to streamline the finished installation as a whole, making everything easier from usage to maintenance.

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Inbay/Rollover to Tunnel Conversion Case Study: Emile’s Mobile Service

This past March, Tommy completed an inbay conversion package for Emile’s Mobile Service of Los Angeles, California. Since the renovation to an automatic carwash, the wash has been receiving such a positive response that we felt it would make a great case study on how touchless rollover car washes can see improved traffic and ROI with the help of a simple inbay conversion package.

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