The Critical Importance of In-House Chemical Management

Car Wash Services

The effectiveness of a car wash’s chemistry determines the performance of the wash equipment and the quality of the end wash provided to customers. Understanding this chemistry, the function of the products in use, and the various factors that influence this function is key for proper car wash performance—as is partnership and service from a reputable chemical vendor.

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10 Principles for Successful Car Wash Employees to Follow

Car Wash Team Member

Many factors contribute to running a successful car wash. The quality of your equipment, a great location, effective marketing strategies… all play a part. But in the midst of all these financial or physical investments, it’s important that car wash operators don’t neglect one one of their greatest resources: their employees.

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5 Ways Tommy Car Wash Systems Saves You Money

1. Group Buying PowerTommy car wash tunnel

Tommy Car Wash Systems works directly with car wash equipment manufacturers to buy significant amounts of equipment, and we use that buying power to negotiate with vendors and bring prices down. This group negotiating power works for everyone, giving our vendors bigger sales, bringing down our own prices, and allowing Tommy to offer lower prices for our clients.

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