Text Message Marketing and Car Washes

Text Message Marketing

According to the most recent figures provided by the Pew Research Foundation, in 2014 more than 90% of Americans had at least one cell phone. This majority is remarkable, and dramatically demonstrates the utility that mobile devices offer. In only a few short years the text-enabled cell phone has become a fixture of modern life, serving as an alarm clock, rolodex, diary, camera, calendar, computer, and much more in a single polished package. These devices are our eyes, ears, and our voice in an increasingly digital world.

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Car Washes and Car Safety

Are Car Washes Safe for Cars? And When Shouldn’t You Take a Car Through Your Local Wash?

Not all car washes are created equal or equally maintained, but assuming that a car wash is modern, well designed, and in good condition, is it safe for cars? Of course it is! New technology and modern practices have driven astonishing advancement in modern car wash engineering and design and modern automatic car washes are safer and more effective for vehicles than ever before. Let’s take a look at a few of the systems that car washes are designed with in order to protect customer vehicles from damage and then some of the main risks of damage and when you should avoid the wash.

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Millennials and Car Washes

5 Tips For Bringing Young Adults Into Your Car WashFirst Offer the Best Experience Possible

It’s no secret that the newest American generation, the enigmatic, connected, tech-savvy group known as Millennials, make for a very difficult and interesting marketplace. Car washes are one great example, and so far the industry has had mixed results marketing and holding on to this group.

Here are five tips we’ve discovered can go a long way towards getting young adults into your wash and keeping them on as loyal customers:

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Beyond Expectations

New Tommy Gas/C-Store Car Wash In Holland Michigan Has Record-Breaking Success!


Anyone who’s visited the Totally Tommy Gas/C-Store Tunnel at the Quality Car Wash & Tim Horton’s at Chicago Drive and N. Waverly Rd. in Holland, Michigan knows that that car wash is BUSY! In fact, the facility has served over 119,000 cars in just three months and in March washed a whopping, record-setting 50,663 cars!


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