The Tommy Accent Ball

A few years ago, Target department stores introduced a design feature keeping with their overall branding: large red concrete spheres placed outside the their stores. This design turned out to be fantastic for a few reasons: They offered curb protection, they were attractive, and the red circle tied very well into Target’s overall ‘bulls-eye’ symbolism.

These attractive concrete barriers form a good point of reference for the topic of the day: The humble Tommy Ball.

Tommy Accent Ball

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Critical Density & Car Wash Development


What might the perfect car wash venture look like?

  • Washes shielded from competition
  • Recognized household brand name
  • Visible, effectively designed marketing campaigns
  • Supporting a full time maintenance worker and accountant
  • Ample well-trained staff
  • Outstanding car counts and ROI
  • Low per-site overhead
  • Diversification of investment between locations

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Tommy Car Wash Systems Featured in ‘Car Wash Magazine’

Car Wash Magazine

Tommy Car Wash Systems has been featured in the Car Wash Magazine’s Spring 2015 issue, available online now! The piece focuses on the modern car wash design, particularly attractive, customer-facing designs that rely on open plans, natural light, landscaping and glass. The article writes, “Glass buildings not only provide a sense of safety and comfort to customers, but they also serve as a continuous billboard for your business.” Making customers feel more comfortable and opening up the wash to curious passersby builds a better connection with individuals even before they start their wash and can go a long way towards making sure customers feel welcome, safe, and in control.

Follow this LINK to read the whole article and check out Tommy Car Wash’s CAR WASH DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS to get a feel for the wash design that inspired the article. You can also take an in-depth Tommy CAR WASH VIRTUAL tour on YouTube.

Tommy Car Wash Systems