The Fundamentals of Car Wash Success

Note: the following blog post is adapted from Ryan Essenburg’s presentation at the Car Wash Show 2017 in Las Vegas, NV titled “Fundamentals of Express Carwash Success: Why Belts, Brands, and Buildings Will Dominate in 2017”. If you would prefer to watch or listen to the presentation, you can do so using the video embedded below.


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The Totally Tommy Mini vs. In-Bay Automatic Washes

As our team travels throughout the United States building car wash facilities we constantly pass by small, dingy, and often idle automatic in-bay car washes, and we’ve come to believe that these washes are quickly on the way out, but that there ABSOLUTELY is a need for small, flexible automatic car wash systems near gas stations or placed in small communities. But what exactly makes our Totally Tommy Mini a better option over in-bay automatic car washes?

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