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Tommy Car Wash is proud to announce the launch of our new online car wash detergents store! Gone are the days of ordering car wash soaps and detergents through local sales reps and paying top dollar for chemicals. We’ve made purchasing soaps, detergents and other chemicals not only simpler, but also more cost effective by offering steep discounts for bulk purchasing.

There are plenty of reasons to switch to buying chemicals through Tommy’s online store:

  • The more you buy, the more you save. Earn free shipping by purchasing one skid (five 30 gallon drums) of chemicals at a time, and save 5% off for EACH additional skid, up to 20% off..
  • Ordering online ensures the accuracy of your order and guarantees the best pricing available..
  • Do-it-yourself chemical order management cuts out the 5% fee of having a local rep place your order for you.
  • .Car wash detergents and chemicals are shipped direct to your business’ door, complete with liftgate delivery..
  • Purchasing chemicals online can add up to $100,000s in savings annually for car wash operators.
  • .Tap in to Tommy’s Bulk Chemical Program for simpler, more organized chemical management (available for all Tommy’s chemical products).
  • .Ordering car wash chemicals through Tommy’s online store also guarantees quality. Our car wash chemical catalog offers some of the best detergent brands in the industry, including Simoniz and Turtle Wax.

.Learn more about setting up and managing your online account today! Call (616) 494-0771, or email

Introducing: Tommy Detergents

We’ve added even more value to our online chemical store by adding an exclusive car wash detergent line to our catalog : Tommy Detergents.

Our new Tommy Detergent is a premium line of car wash soaps developed by our lifelong experts here at Tommy Car Wash. Over the years, we have evaluated nearly every car wash chemical manufacturer and blender, and at last we’ve compiled the best detergent, soap and chemical blends in the industry into a single product line: Tommy Detergents.

Derived from some of the best manufacturers in the car wash industry, Tommy Detergents is a line up of 9 chemical all-star products designed to meet any and all your car wash chemical needs. The detergent system includes breakthrough European chemical technology, and we believe these excellent products offer the best possible chemical process for car washes.

PLUS – save when you buy Tommy Detergents! Earn a point for every dollar spent on Tommy Detergents, then spend points on equipment purchases, or cash them out on chemical savings.

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