New Car Wash Construction EBook: A Must Read for Car Wash Entrepreneurs

Whether you’re looking into building a car wash business for the first time or have been a car wash owner for years, you want your car wash business to run as efficiently as possible. As a business owner, you don’t have time to oversee every aspect of your car wash facility. Evaluating the efficiency of your point of sale, marketing, equipment, energy and water use and employees is an enormous task, and unless you’re a veteran car wash owner, it’s likely that your existing car was facility or car wash construction is missing key factors which would improve sales and cut costs.

At Tommy Car Wash Systems, we are veterans when it comes to car wash construction and operation. We assist car wash entrepreneurs in building, remodeling and improving efficiency in car wash businesses around the world, so we’ve gained the experience necessary to understand the nuances of car wash businesses.

In our travels, we’ve learned what types of architecture attract the most customers, what lane layout facilitates the most business, which construction materials last the longest and how to maximize car wash energy efficiency. We’ve seen what makes car wash businesses succeed in areas they might be expected to fail, and we’ve helped failing car washes begin turning over a positive ROI.

Our goal as a car wash equipment supplier and construction consulting company isn’t just to sell equipment. Helping car wash businesses and new entrepreneurs become successful is a key part of what we do. After all, our success depends on our clients’ successes.

To help car wash businesses and entrepreneurs succeed, we’ve compiled our experience in new car wash construction into an ebook. This New Carwash Construction eBook is a simple, comprehensive guide to improving car wash efficiency and sales. The ebook provides concrete advice for improving each part of a car wash business, from exterior architecture to ideal drainage placement.

The New Carwash Construction eBook provides detailed best practice information for:

– Outside architecture

– Ideal building materials

– Energy and water efficient construction

– Marketing and customer retention

– Landscaping

– Contracting

– Grand opening promotions

and much more.

We want your car wash business to succeed. Equip your car wash for success by purchasing our New Carwash Construction Secrets eBook. Be sure to give us a call at (616) 494-0771 if you have any questions!

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