Millennials and Car Washes

5 Tips For Bringing Young Adults Into Your Car WashFirst Offer the Best Experience Possible

It’s no secret that the newest American generation, the enigmatic, connected, tech-savvy group known as Millennials, make for a very difficult and interesting marketplace. Car washes are one great example, and so far the industry has had mixed results marketing and holding on to this group.

Here are five tips we’ve discovered can go a long way towards getting young adults into your wash and keeping them on as loyal customers:

Go Where They Are

Millennials are stereotyped as addicted to their cell phones, and there is some truth there. 20 and 30 somethings use their phones and computers as constant lifelines into social media and the web. If your wash wants to attract them it means you have to follow them there. Set up a Facebook Page, have a YouTube account, get on Google Maps, update your contact information and hours… If your customers are using online storefronts to plan their trips to real life storefronts, then you need to make sure your wash is up to both tests.

They Research, So Be Ready

By some surveys and estimates, over 90% of young adults use online, crowdsourced reviews before every major purchase, car washes included. You need to be sure you are on top of your Facebook feed, your Yelp reviews, your Google reviews all the time so that one or two irate customers can’t poison the well and steer researching Millennials away before they ever even get off the couch.

No Gimmicks. Embrace Interaction

Responding to comments online, offering interactive promotions on social media, giving away free washes on people’s birthdays… These are small things but they form very positive associations and relationships, building your base organically and without the brute force, gimmicky advertising that Millennials hate (cheesy radio jingles, banner ads, and local TV commercials to name a few). Be authentic and encourage your customers to share their experience over their own social media channels and reward them for it.

Many Of Them Are Just Now Buying New Vehicles

It’s Spring 2015 and the economy is really and truly on the upswing, gas prices are down (knock on wood), and used car lots are getting busy. Many Millennials naturally taking advantage of these positive conditions and are going to be investing in better vehicles. Educate them. Let them know how can you help them prolong the lifespan of those vehicles.

  • How can your wash protect the car they’ve worked so hard for?
  • Does your wash really damage cars?
  • Can you add value to their investment?
  • What are the short and long-term payoffs of a regular washing regimen?

Pay attention to the changes in the seasons and answer these questions. You may be surprised at the response.

They Care About What you Care About

Millennials are surprisingly idealistic and love a good cause. The environment, local causes, and even some national conversations are all opportunities to connect with these customers. Include posts on social media and your site about how much more water efficient and green car wash cleaning is vs. driveway washing (it’s true), post pictures of the causes you support, and don’t be afraid to (carefully and cautiously) Tweet or Post to show solidarity with local or national figures or causes. Millennials are drawn to humanity and passion, so show that you have some.

For more information on social media marketing in the world of car washes, consider Tommy Car Wash System’s instructional service HERE and check out this ARTICLE on Millennials and car washes on

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