Holiday Car Wash Gift Card Sales Make Record Sales

$55,000 on Black Friday Alone

Well, the numbers are in from the latest holiday promotion at our corporate stores, and it looks like it’s going to be a busy winter! Christmas comes early when you promote prepaid wash book sales. Sales of our Car Wash Gift Cards broke record highs across the board last month.

Let’s take a look at a few key highlights from the campaign:

Our Wash Book is typically a Buy 5 Get 1 Free pre-paid gift card which can be redeemed for six washes. We typically sell this base wash books for $30 however discounted over the holidays. Not only does this provide an incentive for customers to buy more washes, but it also helps to facilitate long-term repeat business and collects the money right away.

Our annual Christmas promotion took this offer up a step by knocking this price down to $25 from November 15th to December 31st. At $4.16 per regularly wash (typically $6), customers are happy with the savings, and we were happy with the boost in sales.

The biggest part of our Holiday Car Wash Book promotion, however, was concentrated on Black Friday. By putting steep, time sensitive discounts and hardcore promotions into place, we turned Black Friday into Green Friday with record braking sales of the Holiday Wash Cards. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we offered a $20/Book of 6 ”early bird special” from 4AM to noon. At $20 for six washes, customers only paid $3.33 for a basic wash regularly priced at $6 but we we’re able to flood Christmas stockings with thousands of car washes.

Running the Holiday Wash Book sale alone wouldn’t have been enough if we hadn’t also invested in a few targeted ads. Several days before Black Friday, we ran ads in local newspapers and radio stations. Our selling point:  Holiday Wash Book is a practical gift your friends and family will actually use, and it makes a perfect stocking stuffer. Looking at the resulting sales figures, this message must have resonated with local residents!

These were our staggering Wash Book sales numbers from our three facilities for Black Friday alone:

Location 1 – $19,000

Location 2 – $19,500

Location 3 – $17,000

Amazing!!! Over 6 times what we sold last year!

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we find pride in the intangible benefits we can bring car wash operators like marketing advice and business development. Our customers receive what we call the Lit 5 Pack Operations Manual, the 5th and final manual we provide at no extra cost. This 1″ thick book is packed with daily checklists, handbooks, and marketing and promotional ideas similar to our Holiday Wash Book promotion. After four decades of manufacturing and operating car washes, we understand what make a car wash successful and we’re here to assist our customers with creating success stories for years to come.

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