The Tommy Car Wash Drying System

If the car isn’t dry, it isn’t clean. Too many car washes do a decent job of providing high power cleaning that leaves customer vehicles dirt-free, polished, and even waxed but that doesn’t completely dry the vehicles as they are rolling away. This can result in streaking and dust collection as the wet vehicle travels, spoiling the ‘perfect shine’ that so many customers have rightly come to expect.

It’s time car washes took drying just as seriously as washing, and that brings us to the brand new Tommy Car Wash Drying system!

What it does:

Rebuilding the ultimate drying system to complement the ultimate car wash was a challenge, but the first step came down to TARGETING. What are the key parts of the vehicle that need to be dried and what are the problem areas that are going to require extra power in order to achieve proper drying?

Answer: The top, sides, and rear of the vehicle with special care required for the windshield, windows, and side-view mirrors.

As a result of these studies Tommy Car Wash Systems expanded and modified our existing drying template, extending our full Express Car Wash drying system and upgrading to 16 full-size 10 horsepower blower producers mounted on 2-3 car wash arches with connecting rails between. These blower produers can be positioned in countless arrangements and fine-tuned to ensure proper coverage on all major vehicle surfaces, including the rear of the.

Next, to turbo-charge the drying process and blast the last of the moisture into water vapor, we took a nonstandard car wash component and turned it into a fan favorite: the twin gas-fired heated blower . These monsters are mounted directly above the drying arches and fire powerful heated air, originally intended for climate control at factory bay doors, downwards across the top and sides of the vehicle. This hot air quickly evaporates water from the windshield, arguably the most important point for customer car wash satisfaction as it is the one surface every driver looks at immediately following the conclusion of the wash.

The last piece of the puzzle was the side-view mirrors. Leaving spots or water droplets on the side view mirrors is extremely annoying for customers and these few square inches can be enough to lose a large number of customers if they are neglected. However, as many wash owners know, side views can be tricky to dry properly. These mirrors are small, rear-facing, come in a great variety of sizes, and are positioned very differently on different vehicle types from trucks to compact cars (size, height, position). So we tried something new, and it’s been fantastic: the Tommy Car wash Systems Reverse Rotation Side Drying Cloth. The spinning brush needs less than three seconds to pull the last of the moisture off the mirrors and windows, breaking up water drips and making sure that the side mirrors come out cleaner than ever.

Where you’ll find it:

The system is big and incorporates the Blaze Tire Shine Applicator, so you’ll only find the whole thing in new Totally Tommy Express Car Washes like the one in this video. These tunnels are full length, giving us the room to install the right equipment and get good results without sacrificing wash speed or efficiency.

Why it matters:

Fantastically dry cars are something to proud of. You know what else we can be proud of? A 180-200 car per hour wash speed. That’s right, this system allows us to take cars and both wash and dry them in record time and record numbers while still delivering the best final result you’ll find in the industry. Customers get the value they’re looking for with express in-and-out speeds (2 minute wash lengths) and no spots left on their windows.

Remember, everything in our design is 100% replica table and we’ve had great success with the system in markets and car wash developments across the US. It isn’t complicated, but the process definitely works!

For more information or to schedule a tour of the facility in the video linked above and the Tommy Car Wash System’s offices, give our sales team a call or email today along with any specific questions or inquires. Let us show you in person how great a Totally Tommy car wash truly is!

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  • February 21, 2019 at 10:25 pm

    Good day
    I am looking for a car wash dryer system for Romania.

    • February 22, 2019 at 2:01 pm

      Hello Nicolas,
      You can reach our international sales department by visiting and using the form or contact info found there. Thank you!


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