Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise Gains Momentum

Car washes are time-honored American tradition, but the equipment, architecture, and experience associated with using a neighborhood car wash haven’t meaningfully changed in decades. However, by abandoning convention and embracing a fresh customer experience a new car wash franchise is seeking to change this status quo. Built on a proven, easily replicated platform covering equipment, architecture, and site layout, the Tommy’s Express Car Wash Franchise is now laying a foundation for rapid national growth.


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Featuring a comprehensive plan for the wash facility, equipment, and operations, this foundation originates from Tom Essenburg and Ryan Essenburg, car wash veterans largely responsible for the success of sister company Tommy Car Wash Systems and the “Totally Tommy” car wash platform. Washes utilizing  this platform are highly recognizable thanks to the commanding nature of their primary and secondary towers, floor to ceiling bay windows spanning the length of the tunnel, sloped translucent roofing, iconic circular car wash arches, and dual belt conveyors.


In each case the entire system is designed from the ground up to promote safe, effective, predictable, high-efficiency, and high-revenue operation.

Tommy's Express of Grandville (Rivertown) Michigan. Opened April 2016.

Tommy’s Express in Grandville (Rivertown) Michigan. Opened April 2016

New washes opening under the Tommy’s Express banner have done more than simply adopt the Totally Tommy site plan. Instead, they feature exclusive innovations that expand upon this proven platform while taking advantage of in-house operations training and marketing support.


Of the five licensed Tommy’s Express locations currently operating in California, Michigan, and Kansas, three represent new 2016 construction packed with cutting-edge technology.  This includes a unique semi-central dual drop vacuum system for improved suction and reduced maintenance, automated license plate readers for automatic vehicle admittance through the entrance queue, and a brand new app allowing users to purchase and manage their wash club memberships from mobile devices. A sixth Tommy’s Express is currently under construction in Missouri with several more in various stages of planning and approval around the nation.

Tommy's Express of Hemet California. Opened May 2016

Tommy’s Express in Hemet California. Opened May 2016

“We are excited to bring our innovative car wash technology and support to car wash operators around the world,” reports Eric OConnor, Head of Franchise Business Development at Tommy’s Express Car Wash. “We’ve taken 40 plus years of car wash experience and developed a truly comprehensive operational, financial and marketing support model. There’s really nothing else like it. We are tremendously excited with our progress so far and always looking for new franchise partners and investors who are interested in taking advantage of what we believe to be the best express automatic car wash business setup on the market.”

Tommy's Express of Overland Park Kansas. Opened September 2016.

Tommy’s Express in Overland Park Kansas. Opened September 2016

Recommended wash pricing for the franchise is affordable, designed promote high wash volumes. Monthly unlimited memberships at top wash tier run $29.99 while the second tier run $24.99 (prices may vary by location). Vacuum service and, in some locations, automatic floor mat cleaning are free to all comers. The total time through the wash is 2-3 minutes total with facility capacity totaling an astonishing 160 vehicles per hour.


Parties interested in the Tommy’s Express Franchise should visit the franchise opportunities page of the Tommy’s Express website to learn more.


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Classic Auto Spa Feature

Classic Auto Spa of Lafayette, LA has been featured in an article by “The Advertiser” magazine!


Classic Auto Spa External View


The very first Totally Tommy Flex-Serve car wash facility, Classic Auto Spa was a landmark project for the Tommy Car Wash Systems team and features our original POD chemical management system. The unique, iconic building design includes both an express car wash tunnel and an interior detailing center, as well as free vacuum service for express wash customers.


It’s wonderful to see the backstory behind this excellent car wash in print as one family of car wash owners gives back so generously to their community!


Tommy Car Wash Systems


Come See Tommy Car Wash Systems at The Car Wash Show 2016!

The Car Wash ShowTake away exciting new strategies and proven, powerful tools for market domination in a new educational session presented by Ryan Essenburg, President of Tommy Car Wash Systems.


In “Fundamentals of Express Car Wash Success: How We Wash 400,000 Cars a Year” Ryan will share a cutting-edge car wash business model which in 2015 produced record-setting results: 50,000 cars in one month, 210 cars in a single hour, 2,639 cars in a day, and 419,000 cars in 12 months with a single 130’ car wash tunnel.


Plan to attend this educational session on Monday, May 9 from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. during The Car Wash Show in Nashville, TN And don’t forget to visit Tommy Car Wash Systems at booth No. 1312 for full-size equipment demos a video tour of our latest express car wash design.


Tommy Car Wash Systems


Michigan Car Wash Saves Estimated 28 Million Gallons of Water vs. Driveway Washing

Tommy Car Wash Systems' Tunnel


As many regions of the nation, particularly California and the American Southwest, face unprecedented water shortages, car wash manufactures and operators across the industry continue to innovate and invest in water efficient technology.


Today Tommy Car Wash Systems, a Michigan-based car wash equipment manufacturer and site developer, announced that Quality Car Wash’s Waverly Ave location, a single high-tech, high-volume car wash tunnel in Holland, MI saved just under an estimated 28 million gallons of water than would have been used if customers had instead washed the vehicles at home.

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Tommy Car Wash Systems Sponsors FIRST Team 107!



Tommy Car Wash Systems is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Holland Christian High School FIRST Tech Challenge Team 107, also known as Team R.O.B.O.T.I.C.S.


Since 1989 FIRST, a nonprofit program for school-aged youth, has inspired early interest and participation in science and technology, motivating students to pursue education and career opportunities the science fields. In the 2015-2016 season over 51,000 participants (ages 12-18) in over 5,100 teams will participate in the challenge, many receiving access to special scholarships and other educational opportunities.

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5 Things You’ll Need Before You Start A Car Wash Business

The process of designing a car wash and getting it financed, built, and finally up and running can be grueling. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs are discovering that with the right design in the right location, the investment has a lucrative and long-lasting payoff.


If you are serious about opening your own car wash in the United States or abroad, there are a few thing you’ll need first:


Car Wash Bay Photo

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Record Back-to-Back Car Wash Counts Over 2,600 on January 22 and 23, 2016

wash bay


Processing creates volume! In the 1990s Tom Essenburg, founder of Tommy Car Wash Systems, set a high mark for American express car washes with back to back car wash counts of 2,505 and 2,506.

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