Take a Video Tour of River Club Car Wash

River Club Car Wash


Check out this tour recorded by Car Wash Studios at River Club Car Wash!


A Totally Tommy Express car wash that opened back in February of 2015, River club is located in Bradenton, FL and features a full dual belt conveyor, self loading entrance module, and other cutting-edge automatic car wash innovations.




You can visit River Club Car Wash’s Facebook page and Website (where they are currently preparing for an exciting Halloween promotion), or read more about the Totally Tommy Express design here.


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The Tommy Accent Ball

A few years ago, Target department stores introduced a design feature keeping with their overall branding: large red concrete spheres placed outside the their stores. This design turned out to be fantastic for a few reasons: They offered curb protection, they were attractive, and the red circle tied very well into Target’s overall ‘bulls-eye’ symbolism.


These attractive concrete barriers form a good point of reference for the topic of the day: The humble Tommy Ball.


Tommy Accent Ball

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Spotlight on Triple Play Express

Happy Tuesday from Tommy Car Wash Systems! Check out this 2012 documentary clip by car wash TV covering Triple Play Express, one of our favorite Totally Tommy Express tunnels, owned and operated by former professional baseball player Mark Redman in Tulsa, OK. The footage is beautiful, and it’s no surprise that since being filmed Mark has been able to expand and build a second Totally Tommy Wash, developing a strong business model with great value and brand recognition. Check it out now!


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Adding Washes to Car Care Profit Centers

Car wash tunnels are a natural fit and add-on for many different car care businesses and can turn single-service sites into explosive multi-profit centers with tremendous profitability. Customers appreciate the convenience they receive when more services are offered in one location and they often give washes at a major car care location a greater share of trust, and a much greater share of their business.

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Incorporating Dealership Washes With Fantastic Results!

Take a moment this morning and watch these videos featuring the Tommy Multi-Wash XL and new All-In-One Wash Combo modules. These systems were designed to do a few things very well:

All in One Car Wash Combo


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Meet the Newest Totally Tommy Express!

Tommy Car Wash Systems sends our congratulations to the team at Brite Worx Car Washery after their successful first day of operations on June 17th, 2015!


Brite Worx Car Wash



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Car Wash History Until the Present Day

At Tommy Car Wash Systems we work every day to transform the car wash status co, designing better buildings and installing better equipment. But our projects and products aren’t an island, and we owe a lot to the car wash systems and designs of the past. So this post covers a few important points in the History of Car Washes—including our own car wash history and Tommy’s contributions in the present day.

 Carwash Exit

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