Car Wash Roof Replacement

A Simple Renovation Provides a Fresh Look

At Tommy Car Wash Systems, we specialize in making car wash renovations, refurbishments and new construction cost-effective for business owners. A few years ago, we helped a car wash business renovate its entire roof. The old structure was outdated and made the car wash’s interior dark and unwelcoming. Tommy Car Wash Systems partnered with the business to draw up plans for a new, clear polycarbonate arched roof which would let in natural light while keeping the car wash tunnel completely protected from the elements.


This is the step-by-step process we underwent to replace the car wash tunnel’s old roof. Keep in mind this was all done while the wash was open and running! At times we held up cars for several minutes between certain steps.

Step 1

Removal of old roof with a crane. The planks were placed on a trailer and hauled away. This was a one day job. We did some prying on the planks separately and removing them.

Removing Car Wash Roof With Crane
Old Roof Removal

Step 2

The old roof remained over the equipment room, so we stored the new arches on the old roof. See the feet with the 4 bolt hole pattern – these were anchor drilled into the top course of block, which we had filled with solid concrete. Much like setting up interior car wash equipment. The roof arches are custom-bent Tommy Arches!

Roof Arches
Stainless steel arches for the car wash roof’s interior frame.

Step 3

We added two more courses of block to the top of the wall in order to give the building more height, and to be able to fill the top course with concrete. The wash bay is 18’ wide. We had an engineer spec it out by showing him the drawings of what we were thinking, then the engineer approved and stamped our plans.

Car Wash Roof Replacement
New Blocking
Wash Entrance during roof replacement
Roof Frame

Step 4

On the backroom side the planks each sat on half the wall. We put a wood form to pour concrete to fill it level  with the old roof.

Car Wash Roof Removal
Active Car Wash

Step 5

We put a plank scaffold across the walls to work on setting the arches and installing roof covering. All the work was done while washing cars. Only when we lifted the planks off did we stop the wash.

Barrel Vault Roof Installation
Fitting Polycarbonate Roof Sheets
Roof Exterior View
Finished Roof Sheets

Step 6

We finished the look with the extrutech on the walls, and the rinse wall was complete. The square purlins set atop the arch with some short spacers put between the purlins. A cap is screwed on to clamp the sheet in place and the extrusion is screwed into the purlins.

Roof Interior High View
Purlins and Spacers
Finished Car Wash Interior

Roof replacement to this car wash building was done a few years ago, and it’s been holding up extremely well. This is one of our favorite renovations we’re performed on older car wash buildings.

What we supplied:

> Stainless steel arches custom bent

> Extruded polycarbonate roofing

> Purlins.

What local car wash business supplied:

> Local architect/engineer to stamp his approval on the project

> A drawing of the proposed construction approved by the local city government.

Each car wash business is unique, so it’s not possible to give a total quote without first taking a look at your car wash business’ dimensions and requirements. In general, car wash roof replacement tends to cost around $42 per square foot.

Have questions about roof replacements or renovations for your own car wash tunnel? Feel free to ask us for a quote!

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