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First-time investors, owners, and operators aren’t always prepared to answer the important questions that car wash development can raise. Considerations need to be made for site layout, pricing, advertising strategies, marketing budgets, staffing, and much more. But as far as car washes go, few choices are as vital as those deciding which car wash equipment will be installed inside the tunnel.

A car wash is, of course, a facility that washes cars and if the equipment behind that wash process isn’t up to the task the car wash will experience great difficulty.

Problems typically crop up in the following areas:

1. The wash equipment does a bad job.

If the cars aren’t clean you will have customer complaints, low membership rates, and a shrinking customer base.

2. The equipment LOOKS bad, even if it performs well.

Customers are left without a sense of value or a positive experience, leading to complaints, low membership rates, and a shrinking membership base.

3. The equipment is unsafe.

Poor equipment eventually ends up damaging vehicles, leading to expensive claims. Experienced operators know it takes a lot of washes to pay off even a small body work problem, and the additional damage to your wash’s reputation may be even more costly.

4. The equipment has no lifespan.

Vibration, weight, and rust in the high-moisture car wash bay leave low quality equipment unusable and unsafe within a decade. Replacing that equipment can set the wash’s profitability back months if not years.

5. The equipment is inefficient.

Even if a wash has high car counts and great volume, inefficiency ends up increasing expenses in terms of water, detergent, and electricity, sucking away profits and lowering your margins.

This is why it is of primary importance that new car washes invest in great equipment from the start and begin their operations with the proper level of investment and foresight.

Tommy Car Wash Systems equipment is designed to solve these problems and offer the very best in long term car wash performance and aesthetics. Instead of low quality iron or aluminum our arches are made from 100% stainless steel, providing lasting stability and a mechanic system that deserves to be shown off (have you seen the wall-to-wall windows in the Totally Tommy building design lineup?). The wide arch design is iconic, unique to us, and has the added bonus of alleviating dangerous customer claustrophobia by widening the wash zone—especially when paired with a big, naturally lit wash bay, bay windows, and a clear acrylic roof. Control systems are carefully designed for easy access and maintenance to simplify procedures and better ensure lifetime efficiency and performance standards.

Our team has been in the car wash industry long enough to see and experience every mistake and bad design choice out there. But instead of settling we’ve learned, grown, and developed new car wash solutions to improve the industry and offer better service and value, and the car wash equipment you’ll find in our wash is the proof.

For more information including a free tour of our newest facility here in Holland Michigan or an over-the-phone consultation, contact our team today at or (616) 494-0411

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