7 Reasons to Trust Tommy Car Wash Systems

Whether you’re opening your next wash, looking to supply or rehab an established one, or want to break into the car wash industry with your very first site, Tommy Car Wash Systems can help you with unique, industry-leading site development services, equipment packages, and finished building designs. We are here to make sure, above all, that your wash is successful from day one and into the future.

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1. Decades of Experience Building and Operating Car Washes

At Tommy Car Wash Systems everything we do is based on proven, real world experience. How much? Try 40 years as one of the leading car wash operators in the nation. But we weren’t content to just go with the flow—we worked to improve and simplify, turning the car washes of decades past into cutting-edge cleaning machines that stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

2. Innovative Products and New Technology

Customers notice the difference when they enter a Tommy Wash. Our innovative spirit has created a unique and patented facility with outstanding potential that you won’t find anywhere else. Why? Because we host full time research and development staff who work to improve car wash standards, making washes that work more efficiently, attract more customers, require less upkeep, and make YOU more money.

3. Great Service and Support Network

We build and support washes all around the United States and the globe as a whole, working with a variety of shipping and receiving services to provide you with fast and reliable service. We also offer on-site training and support to help you get your feet on the ground.

4. Ease of Ordering and Friendly Shopping Experience

The Tommy Shop makes shopping for car wash equipment, components, and detergents fast and convenient. Products are arranged by category and all payments are thoroughly encrypted for your security. Of course, you can also call or email and our sales staff will be happy to help, making sure you get exactly what you need to keep your wash up and running.

5. High Quality, Low Maintenance Components

Tommy Car Wash designs and builds equipment that relies on stainless steel, offering the highest quality construction and longevity. Our arches resist rust and wear and will still look great decades into the future—and minimal operator maintenance is required.

6. Online Tech Support and Resources

Customer satisfaction doesn’t come easy. Our Tommy Manager App and shop are maintained by full time IT and support staff. If you have technical issues or run into trouble using our software, our staff will get involved to resolve your issues fast!

7. Competitive Pricing

Our team believes that quality isn’t optional. But even using stainless steel equipment and proven, high-end building designs, our all-inclusive pricing is extremely competitive, saving operators thousands in installation costs, site planning, design, and other expensive carwash start-up costs.

If you have any questions about starting up a car wash, or renovating an older facility, send us an information request at sales@tommycarwash.com today! .

Tommy Car Wash Systems.

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