5 Ways Tommy Car Wash Systems Saves You Money

1. Group Buying PowerTommy car wash tunnel

Tommy Car Wash Systems works directly with car wash equipment manufacturers to buy significant amounts of equipment, and we use that buying power to negotiate with vendors and bring prices down. This group negotiating power works for everyone, giving our vendors bigger sales, bringing down our own prices, and allowing Tommy to offer lower prices for our clients.

2. Inclusive Car Wash Site Models

We’ve been working hard over the years to perfect site models for 4 common car wash types:

For each of these designs we studied thousands of sites and case studies to perfect the best layout and formatting for different lots and roads so that each car wash plan has the best possible layout, format, and processing speed.  Our partners receive those benefits and save thousands of dollars against initial site planning and modeling costs.

3. Car Wash Operation Training and Support

Operations training and instruction for employees and managers is costly in terms of time, material, and liability. Our washes are tried and true and we have comprehensive manuals and training programs including checklists, manuals, handbooks, and more—all included with the purchase of a Totally Tommy building. Whether our clients are independent operators or an expanding franchise, we give them the tools to launch their wash professionally and with a high level of competency from day one.

4. Templates for Architecture and Equipment

Well known restaurant franchises don’t need to spend much per site on architecture or planning. Each is a variation on a few standard designs and every manager knows that each will, generally speaking, work the same way from the same design. At Tommy Car Wash Systems we work on the same principle, laying out our buildings and different property plans so that you don’t need to worry about mechanical, electrical, or plumbing design, saving you over $50,000!

5. A Discounted Supply Chain

Tommy Car Wash Systems has been establishing ongoing purchasing contracts with major vendors, allowing us to purchase high quality chemicals, hoses, fittings, air fresheners, and more. We pass along those bulk discounts like a franchise supplier, saving our clients time and money.

If you’re interested in building a Tommy car wash on your own property, check our homepage first for more information HERE and give one of our consultants a call at (616) 494-0411, preferably with information ready about your potential site, investment budget, and time frame. You can also email us at sales@tommycarwash.com

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